Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Finally - Hand Printed fabric Swap III

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I am so sorry - to my fellow swappers for not having posted this earlier. I received some really lovely fabric and such original and talented designs. My photos once again don't do them justice (but the original photos in the correct light were of un ironed pieces and it took time to get round to ironing them and photographing them before they became creased again)
1. and 6. dutch Houses by Linda Robertus, Brisbane . 2.Wild Geese By Astrid - The world offers itself to your imagination and calls to you like wild geese- harsh and exciting : poem by Mary Oliver 3. and 5. Melanie Cook of and 4. lovely blue and white by Hollye of

Now to be inspired and utilize these beautiful pieces...Many Thanks xxx


  1. Love all these designs. What a lovely swap to be involved in.

  2. It was a great swap, wasn't it!


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