Monday, 12 November 2012

Swing and Whiskers

My little lady mouse now is the  proud owner of her own mouse sized swing

I picked up a couple of silver spoons at a school fete and this one had a bent lip so wouldn't be very utilitarian any more despite being silver and a lovely deep spoon.

My dad and brother were both shocked to know that I wanted to drill holes in a silver spoon  let alone utilize it for Christmas ornament. My response was  that I paid nothing for it and it now was being put to good use, in my eyes at least.

My brother kindly bent the spoon for me as I didn't have enough strength to do so my self. My pearl beads got pulled out again (lucky I found another stash at an op shop) and wired up over head

Silk thread whiskers added. I tried knotting them but it didn't look right so be warned they are not held in

 Two little festive critters ready to travel the world. They just need the appropriate packing to ferry them safely to their new homes - Tomorrows job.

And lovely pottery jug I found on the way home tonight for a bargain price $4 


  1. she looks very fab!! loving her pearls .and most def the spoon has been put to awesome use.
    hugs xo

  2. What a fine pair of characters, you have had too much fun! Lucky person who receives this cheeky pair!


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