Saturday, 11 October 2014

Spoke Wheel Flower Tutorial

Magic Circle. chain three to form 1st treble. Treble 23

slip stitch to join

Round 2. Chain 4

Into base of same stitch as chain 4 treble 1. Chain 1. Miss one treble in row 1 and treble into next stitch, chain 2, treble1 into same stitch (to form V). chain 1

#Miss 2 trebles in row one, work treble into next stitch,chain 2, treble into same stitch (V), chain 1# Repeat until end of round slip stitch to join and change colour.

Round 3.
 New colour into the centre of V stitch chain 3,

treble 1, chain 2, treble 2 into same stitch

double crochet into next single chain

Repeat to form the round (treble 2 ,chain 2 ,treble 2 into V stitch, double crochet into next single chain stitch)

To Join to another spoke wheel flower leave 2 V stitches to match to another flower and work as follows.
2 treble, chain1, put hook through V on other flower , make sure in correct line with other joins, hook through thread and loop on hook , 2 treble, double crochet into single chain repeat to make two anchors on the other spoke wheel flower

Single crochet into base of starting stitch to complete round finish off

Joining more rows is the same principle, just count back 2 V per side joined

Hope you understood that. If you complete a scarf link your comment back to your blog so I can go have a look at your creation. :)

Friday, 10 October 2014

Special Nights

Wednesday 8th October, a day for some that will be remembered watching the lunar eclipse. For me it was more of a surprise. My sister asked me the night before to attend the wedding of a couple being married in our local church. At the time I understood that the Kenyan couple did not have relatives to help celebrate the wedding and the priest wanted the local community to help make this a special occasion for them. I personally haven't attended church for a while but thought it sad not to help a young couple celebrate their new journey in life.

Impromptu I bought my camera along with me. At dusks light the park across the road is filled with galahs

To the west the sun burnishes across the sky from oranges and changing to crimson reds

To the east the moon competes for attention.. moon rise through the trees at the same time as the sun sets.

My sister bought a bunch of fresh picked flowers from her garden and made a tower of cakes to help  celebrate

Loving hands

And the gorgeous couple

And happily family did come to attend

And the lunar eclipse.. a special red moon for a special night

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Colour Purple

This purple low lying shrub grows across the road on the footpath. It really is  quite a dazzling shade of violet / purple. Have you noticed how I seem to fixate on one colour I photograph, maybe I dont like to confuse my subject matter or just get so focused on one thing.

Anyway I took these pictures at around 0730 am and already the light is strong and bright. I thought I might have been out early enough to get a softer light but I think I would have had to have been out and about several hours earlier to do so.

I think this is a from the  daisy family

 I like the fact that the weeds have colour co ordinated themselves to the yellow centers of the flowers, little pom poms of yellow peeking out amongst the bush.

This photo was taken in the shade (but alas no purple flowers).
The wreath is one I made last year but looked a bit spartan so I crocheted a heap of flowers and fixed them between all the others bibs and bobs to make it look a bit fuller. Any excuse to take more photos!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Christmas stocking & coral tree

 This post is supposed to be about the Christmas stocking I've finished but really I was so taken by the brilliant flush of colour displayed by the coral tree that the stocking pales in comparison. The coral tree stopped me in my tracks on the way home from the shops. It is the first time I have see such a display of colour on the tree and the young lass whom lives at the residence of the tree said the same too. Last year they pruned back half of the tree away from the house and opposing side is now in full bloom.
Would you believe my camera died after the few photos you see here

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Christmas Stockings

Well I've been trolling across the internet again and have spent many hours finding delicious inspiration and linking up with many new blogs to follow. I found a lovely crochet link up  on Annemarie's Haakblog and spied these luscious snowflakes to be found here

I seem to have altered my pattern slightly  to the original pattern (thats because I am totally slack and dont go back to reference what I am doing once it looks right) Either way it is not a difficult pattern and not too time consuming

Once I had the large snowflake pattern down pat (my way) I started to add extra chains in to make the spikes more pronounced. Then I decided I wanted some smaller ones  and linked them to make a chain.
My original thought was to utilise these on a christmas stocking with alot of snowflakes on a plain background, but then we are all entitled to change our minds. So I made several stockings.

This snowflake was actually dropped into my cup of tea and stained brown. I rinsed it but it was still too discoloured so I dipped the edges into beetroot juice (straight out of the can).

 (the underside)

Thanks for persevering through all of those photos