Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mount Lofty - A Spectacular Walk

So I am back !
You didn't know I was was gone except  for the lull in blogging. 

Actually i have been off holidaying in Queensland over the past two weeks and have tons of photos for you.
But I decided to tackle this chronologically and not save the best till last.
The day before we left for Queensland Jordy and friend Sophie went for a walk up to Mount Lofty summit. I originally intended  on sitting in the car and crocheting the flower blanket so I didn't dress to hike. Nothing like making last minute decisions.

On the spur of the moment I thought I might do a short walk but once you start out you just cant help yourself and keep going. Jordy and friend raced ahead, as youth do,  and left me to amble along in my inappropriate footwear. Let me say that I am not the worlds healthiest specimen  but if I actually had decent footwear I might have enjoyed the walk more (particularly the later half when my feet were really killing me) The girls actually thought I was lost! Lost in my photography journey!

Now I have to warn you that I took a lot of photos but there are some really beautiful shots... I cant believe I am going to say this but this is the first time I have done the walk to Mount Lofty summit from Waterfall Gully = I have always thought I might do it but didn't know where the walk started and never really bothered to find out - Oh what I have been missing!

Hope you enjoy.

The beginning of the walk  and a steep incline up the side of the waterfall. I managed to capture a photo of Sophie and Jordana and then they were gone! Boy I must be stimulating company. But I must be grateful for my alone time.  as the slow walking and quiet allowed me to capture nature at its best. They (the girls) saw the brightly coloured parrot and nothing else. I am  surprised I saw so much as the path is very popular with people training (so many people run this path - OMG where do they get the energy???) But the wildlife must have built up a certain amount of tolerance to the human traffic that passes every day.

I almost feel guilty for including this shot because this really is a photo laden post and really I have culled half the photos I took that day. Yes I could be more selective but I trust you will enjoy the visual beauty of nature as much as I do.

Looking down the face of the waterfall - check out the height of the pine tree - skinny and very talllllll !

Looking back down the path towards Adelaide - still relatively early in the walk - and yes I am already exhausted from the steep incline!

Now I've told you before but a lot of Australian animals capture you by surprise. Half the time the only reason I notice them at all is because of movement.   How well do these guys fit into the bush?

Can you see me?

A little further up the hill and a completely different undergrowth.

The view from the top/ Looking out over Adelaide and the flats below. I am so glad there is a coffee shop at  the top of the mount.... a little rest was good for the feet!
The way down was slower and harder in my shoes... but less speed means more photos for you to enjoy!

I was so lucky to capture this little blue beauty. always on the move and doesn't stay still for long.

I am going to apologise now for not knowing the names of the birds but will try to find out before I next venture to Mount Lofty (maybe this week - still have some holiday time...all depends on how my purple toe feels about it.. another story!)

How gorgeous is this bird? And how well does it blend into its surroundings..the wonders of nature.

This is a small bandicoot

Another well disguised critter, quite happy to wander across the path not to far from three on looking humans. He didn't stop to have a chat , but he wasn't in any hurry to get home either!

A schitish mouse (marsupial) very shy and hid at the first sound of noise. But stay still long enough, would venture out to flit across this log only to hide again at the first sound of movement.

Love the colours of the day.

Thanks for joining me on this bush walk - all 3.9 kilometers up and the same back - but each way brings a different view.

Monday, 6 April 2015


 It is amazing how well animals are able to blend into their surroundings and it isn't until you stand still, listen and look around you might get a glimpse of them. Yesterday on a visit to Mount Bold Reservoir I was fortunate enough to find these guys lounging around in the last rays of the sun. My timing was bad for entry into the park but on the roadside the Kangaroos obviously knew it was closing time because every field of had kangaroos grazing on the open grasses. They werent too fussed by me as a fence was between us.

When i mentioned blending in , I was reflecting back on an instance when the family visited Yorke Peninsula and we were near the ocean crossing a grassy area. David went off the path to cut across the grasses and suddenly there were at least 50 kangaroo heads popping up out of the grasses. They were perfectly hidden in their surrounds. Now some of the  male kangaroos are quite large and can be extremely dangerous when disturbed (the hind legs have be known to tear a man's abdomen  apart from one kick) so David didn't waste much time getting back on the path.
These guys are a smaller breed than the ones we saw that day - quite cute really.

 Across the field at some distance were these red and blue parrots. I've never seen them before in nature and was quite thrilled. I had difficulty getting a good shot of them with my limited zoom but I consider myself fortunate to have seen them at all.

 So today I decided to make a return trip to the reservoir (during opening times). Last night we had heavy rains, the first of the season and what a good drenching we have had. There was even a spot of hail this afternoon. Despite being rained upon I decided to walk around the dam road. All the walking paths are closed to the public , this may be due to the fires of two years ago or just that they get sick of rescuing tourists from mishaps. The paths are steep!

So much rain in one night, water is even being let out of the reservoir...I can't fathom why as it is less than half full.

The walk down to the spillway and suspension bridge is paved for public use and this little guy was well camouflaged . (I had to crop the picture so you could find him) Perfect colouring though.

A couple of bush pickies. I looked up and started to photograph what I thought was a nest after I snapped the shot it moved and only then did I realise it was a Koala. He was nestled well up in the tree and these are the best shots I could get of the face. Everything else was all bottom

Dont forget to look up

Keep an eye on the sky

I was intrigued by this bark _ maybe a stringy bark - maybe it has a disease or an animal has affected the bark?? Interesting patterning though.

 Quick snap the camera, This guy does not stay still for long. I have lots of blurry shots and some half body shots

More interesting bark patterns

Country road home, see you next visit

Gonna (Going to) leave this all behind. (A little Aussie slang)
Cheers !