Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Middleton and Hindmarsh Island

Hello~I feel I need an echo. Hello!

Yes it has been awhile. I lost my voice, or at least penmanship. Generally a lack of motivation to hit the keys and in particular to take the time to up load photos. By the time I actually get around to having a chit chat about events it feels so old and stale that its  just ho hum. Do you  feel this way?

The birds apparently couldn't care less what I did. Totally absorbed in soaking up the rays whilst lounging around on deck. I drove my daughter to Middleton yesterday for a surf (school holidays  here) and did not want to sit on the beach due to the fact that my back has been out of alignment this past week. So I headed to the next town ,Goolwa, in search of fabric for an Amy Butler mini quilt swap. Of course I headed in the wrong direction and ended up across the Murray River on Hindmarsh Island. Well I was there so I might as well stop and take a few photos. Such a tourist. There is plenty to see if you head to the Coorong but I was limited in time so restricted myself to accessing the waterways near the bridge which had a few reed beds and a lookout area in close proximity.

The stumps are part of the old crossing by ferry/barge, which was the only means to access the island until the bridge was built. I remember crossing the river with the family and car on holidays, in some ways it was the highlight of the trip being pulled across the Murray by cable.

The local water hens strutt across the top of the reed beds, a fine balancing act of nature.

What would the Murray River be without pelicans. On the way down to Middleton we saw a formation of pelicans in flight, truly magnificent to see. Pity I was unable to pull over to snap a few pics.

Yes I can see you, but really why should I be bothered. I'm too busy soaking up the sun.

Back a Middleton beach and waiting for my daughter I snapped some of the see grasses  and soft corals.

This seagull was playing with his food. I caught it mid flight. How clever is that ?

No real surf to speak of , but a play in the waves with the board was satisfactory.
Oh a I did find the material shop.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Object Magic

I''m a little slow these days in blogging, the main reason can be attributed to the fact that it takes a huge amount of time for me to upload my photos on to the computer....and most of the time I cant be bothered waiting. By the time I get round to writing - it is old news. So to all those whom follow me on instagram there will be some old news.
That being said I also have photos from my visit to the South Australian  Art Gallery which currently has a showing of Magic Objects. If you love fantasy and in particular in the form of blown glass then you will enjoy the fantasy workings of Adelaide born glass blower..Tom Moore
Also not to be missed as part of the exhibition , which is being held over several sites in Adelaide city is the Museum adjacent to the Adelaide Uni West Campus.

Tom Moore

 Just in case you are not impressed by his work.. here is a photo of 1/4 or the room. His work made me smile

Also in the art gallery a growing instillation which the public is free to add to (as we did, nothing like bringing out my inner child)

 My friend Richmal, concentrating on her creation and her daughter Emelene below

Do you still want to see more?
These are made by NELL..hand built ornaments based on the Japanese tomb decorations in various states of expression and humour

I just love the light in the chandelier hanging in the SAM TAG Museum + you can tell by the number of photos I was quite taken with it.

Inside the museum more of Object Magic..It is weird , alien, phallic, textural fantasy and a massive work! From out of this work, under this world and of the natural decide.

Phew. Hope you enjoyed.