Monday, 14 April 2014

Charity Quilt - Just the Binding to go

 A mad dash at sewing today trying to piece the charity quilts together and at least get one almost finished. Just the binding to go for Charity quilt number 1 - probably more orientated to the male gender but I am sure any child would be happy with this very vibrant quilt. Even my husband commented - most unusual.

Number 2 is underway. This is for a young lady. After laying out the blocks I've already collected I decided to remove the brown muted blocks - they were a little too dull for this quilt/
I decided that a white material would be good to bring these assortment of blocks together. Some of the blocks were not the right size so the piecing together is off. You ask for 10 inch blocks and you get everything either side of it. I can cut down the larger blocks but it is hard to rectify the smaller blocks.
Doesn't matter it will be fine when it is all sewn together

The back and my dog who always wants to sit on anything you lay on the floor.

Sunday, 13 April 2014


I went to visit mum today and took with me my bird tapestry. Obviously I triggered a creative urge in her as she started to tell me that she hadn't as yet used the embroidery hoop I had purchased for her from an op shop. She then proceeded to bring out her linens she had started in her twenties. They actually don't need a lot of work doing to them and unbelievably she still has the threads to complete them. I say unbelievably because I'm surprised I didn't raid them when  I was younger.
The pansy cloth is her own design. the bunches are beautiful but it is a little spartan in between. Mum was talking about adding extra bunches if I can find extra DMC threads to match.

Just thought I'd throw these two cheeky fellas in for a visit amongst the flowers

An another cloth of cross stitched roses (i've dibbied this one when its finished - if mum is so inclined to give it away) Variegated threads in greens and pinks.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Easter Display

These little lovelies above are part of the General Traders (kitchenware shop) Easter display. They caught my eye when I was heading to the movies and i just had to stop and take piccies of them.
That reminds me I haven't rifled through the crockery yet to bring out the Easter colours. I bought a couple of new rabbits after Easter last year so will add them into the mix this year.
Below are some of last years snaps

Monday, 7 April 2014

Hand Printed Fabric - Girls Boat Neck Dress in Kim's Flower

This lovely Pink dress with boat neck has been hand printed with Kim's Flower stamp in pinks. the original seen here was printed in blue hues as a gift for Kim.

The pattern for this dress was thrifted recently and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to print up some pinks in this pattern.

I like the thought of a boat neck, but now having made the dress would probably never do it again from this pattern. Being an old pattern it had no clear indication of where to cut off the scoop of the dress (to remove the rounded collar) and was left guessing the stitching lines - which really needed to be accurate to fit.

The pattern is a Butterick 2194 in size 6 to fit breast 24"

The other minor problem I had with this pattern was to do with my printing. I misread the pattern and thought there was only one large panel for the skirt  so didn't print enough fabric, hence I had to go back for another session of printing. Urgh my aching back.

So all in all about 4 hours of printing and a good morning and part afternoon to make up this dress - that's what I call time consuming. I dont even have anybody that I made it for - made it just because I loved the pattern and thought the print would look cute in it.

I still have buttonholes to go and a few hand stitches to be done, but I should finish that tomorrow.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Eucalyptus erythrocorys

This lovely eucalyptus tree catches my eye each time I drive past on the way from the shops daily. It has such brilliant colour with its spectacular yellow blooms, almost like waxy pom-poms. Not only are its flowers singing with colour but the gum nut cover or bright red operculum jump out in vibrant reds and orange in amongst the long slender green-grey leaves. On top of all that spectacular colour is added a swag of large bell like shaped gum nuts/

What a spectacular tree!

Botanical name Eucalyptus erythrocorys
Common name  Illyarrie
Height 3 meters

Very popular with the rainbow lorikeets in the neighbourhood!

Doesnt nature put forth some noteworthy colour?


Some time ago I picked this little tapestry up at a op shop. The tapestry had the basic bones of the pattern already needled on the clothe. I originally thought the tapestry was in long stitch and proceeded to do the birds in this manner. Not long into the work the penny dropped and I realised that these were the base to give the stitches a full look and not part of a long stitch tapestry. Not one to like pulling things out I continued on my merry way and completed the birds and then place the tapestry at the back of my cupboard for another time.. far, far away.

You know the trouble with looking into other peoples lives and blogs is  that you see some wonderful things being made, and me being the type of person I am, want to do them all! A lady of many passions and little time.
Any way new friends are great for inspiration! I have recently been visiting Brigitte Peetermans at Home is where the dachshund is  and admiring her brightly coloured display of needled cushions on her couch. 
Just sumptuous and delicious colour, perfect to give anyone a lift in spirits as soon as they walk in the door. Have  a look at this post for cushion delight, one of the many colourful and visual posts..

Anyway Brigitte's needled cushions of many gay colours have impelled me to drag out this tapestry and inject some colour into the background. The tapestry kit only came with the threads for the picture and on finding this bright thread, also in an op shop, I proceeded to enliven my cushion. 

I LoOOVe this blue. 

Only problem is that it is acrylic - does that really matter? maybe my cushion wont last as long but I will enjoy its brilliance. So only another 100 hours or so until I finish it...Why is tapestry so slow! I know why I don't do it very often and I also have trouble seeing the variation in thread colour and where the stitch should this cushion will not be perfect but I will love that colour!

A little needlework done by one of the ladies at craft whom is recently deceased and her goods were gifted on to raise funds for The Cancer Research Foundation - I thought I might use this panel in a bag.

Also found thrifting is this delightful pattern. thought I would whip up a print of Kims Flower in pinks to make the dress the pattern of the sleeveless dress in the middle

And also found - a cute little burro/ donkey with a barrel cart to hold tooth picks

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Having pieced the major section of the center panel of Alena's quilt and laying it out all I see is a big white cross. The star effect has been lost with the placement of the smaller yellow stars in the corners - so do I replace it with a grey star or a block sandwich made of solid colour?
Any opinions?

Thought I'd show how much my feathering has improved with just a few blocks. I'm thinking about replacing this first block and repurposing it into one of the charity quilts
Can I be bothered making another?

Charity quilt well underway - 3 rows joined together, another waiting to be joined to the quilt and a few odd blocks

The back of the quilt looks like paddocks.. I bought a mystery bag of material from the quilt shop full of blues and greens..these are all being joined to form backing blocks.