Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Stitching Angels

Wish. Everybody should occasionally wish...make plans and dream of things that could be. Small ideas, worked upon can make those dreams come true, A fulfilment of what is your wish?

This is a stitchery I drew a few years ago and have only this week started. I thought I would make a Christmas quilt featuring in angels. The first is WISH. I wont show the entire panel but will give you snippets of it. I have joined a stitching group which meet once a month and had to find a project to do. I dont want to spend a lot of money on stitchery patterns and thought I might as well create my own.
Despite having my own patterns and threads I still managed to out lay considerable funds on a new hoop and wonderweft to back my fabric, and of course a few extra colours to add to the collection.

Well hopefully my stitching will become more uniform but for now I am enjoying the process of sitting and sewing. It is fun to see a drawing come to life with coloured thread
Second panel started...PEACE

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

2016. January The Month That Was

January the month that was . January flew by and was full of sewing days in-between blackberry picking and jam making. Let's hope the next month is just as fruitful.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Feathered Star Pillow

As promised yesterday a finished pillow. It didn't take long to whip it up into a pillow this morning as all the hard work had been done.
After making this my friend dropped round with bottle in hand  so a little celebratory drink happened..any excuse will do. After she left I whipped up another feathered star top in just the central material (Kaffe) and some grey linen background and I enlarged it to 140% Which makes the new top about the size of a Europe pillow The size of the grey cushion below. I'll show that another day.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Pillow works and spoon

This is a piece of driftwood that I picked up in Burleigh Heads on our Queensland holiday. Salted and roasted in the sun to an ashen grey on the outside, The wood is light and dry and when the outer layer is peeled back this spalted wood appeared. Pity about the hollow track a little deeper in. So after further shaving and much time...this grey and bent spoon appeared. I decided to keep the bend and the thickness of the wood in the handle with a tiny wee scoop up top.  Big enough for a spice spoon. That being said I later decided to chop the length of handle in half so it could be used for that purpose. Now to find a piece of pottery to accompany this spoon's character

The shorty version below doing a balancing act.  I can make a baby sister to match with the other half of the wood.

And just because I dont have enough interests at the moment I decided to join a pillow swap on instagram organised by Little Island Quilting. For years I have loved the feathered star pattern and thought this would be a good opportunity to try it out. I would never make this in a quilt , too many fiddly bits, but a pillow is manageable. I must admit that I find joining points trying and my first attempt has lots of faults in the sewing execution but I still like it.

Fabric selection

Playing around with the pattern by  feathering the inner triangle. My accuracy is hit and miss in some of the the strips.

Needing to make the pillow bigger I added triangles
Continue with the teal blue background... no..

Throw in a few more pieces of fabric and this is my first top

What to do with all the left over scraps? A start of a scrappy quilt?

Tomorrow I'll show the quilted version of the top but I haven't photographed it yet . Maybe by then the pillow will be constructed. Then I can make the real pillow (Without all the missed seams) I also thought I would enlarge the feathered star a bit so that I dont have to add extra strips to make a  large enough pillow.
Always plenty of options. Do you think this pillow fits in a vintage theme - this is what my swap partner has asked for. It certainly is a vintage pattern. Oh well I have plenty of time to play with ideas
See you soon. Cheers

Friday, 22 January 2016

Just The Neighbours

These guys have been raiding the fig tree next door and seem to be getting used to my presence to a certain extent. They've been particularly cheeky and flying low and swoop past on their trajectory into the trees.

January Finishes

 I bought this framed vintage car in an op shop and immediately thought about tearing it out of the frame and making a boys baby quilt out of it. Thank you very much to the maker, whom has painstakingly cross stitched this for me. Colour Inspiration- check, center focus - check , and left over triangles in brights already cut for me. Easy Peasy.. rip up an old sheet and quilt made in two afternoons. Got to be pretty happy with that! I put a running tacking stitch in red to give a little interest in the zigzag. One down , two girl quilts to go!

I riffled through all the bits of printed cottons I had and started whipping up cushions. Some I have crocheted edges to, others left simple.
I have also eco dyed some cloth to get leaf imprints on the fabric . I have then echoed the eco print with either a eucalypti flower or the actual leaf shape. 

 And more printing
magnolia flower and seed pods
Fan shapes

That's my crafted lot!