Quilt As You Go Tutorial


Quilt As You Go - A tutorial link here part 1

Addit: Many months later and you can find the completed tutorial here and  a view of the completed quilt here.

Quilt As You Go - Part 2 link here

A long long time ago I started a "quilt as you go" quilt for my nephew for this 21st. Birthday
Yes I started it after his birthday in July. Looking back over the blog dates it was in August last year that this journey began. I had started a tutorial which you can find here and promised to continue it when  I'd finished piecing all the squares. I think originally I was going to do 64 squares but this has since grown to 90 to make a queen size bed quilt.
So finally....I have made all 90 squares. 
My colour scheme has also changed, originally I wanted to make a sour green and grey quilt but now have incorporated bright green and inky grey/ blacks 

Quilt As You Go - The Big Reveal! link here

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  1. Your intuitive and intense sense of design and colour is so very, very apparent in this quilt Monique!! Your quilt is a triumph!! Every single square is placed in exactly the right spot!! I am in awe!!


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