Thursday, 27 June 2013


Down the beach this morning I spotted some fine feathered friends hanging around the pine. I only saw them because moments before they swooping between pine trees making a merry old dance and being quiet rawcous. There is quite a flock of birds,sorry they are so hard to see.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Sky Tonight

 Thought I would share a couple of quick picks at the beach this evening just before sunset. I wish I had stayed down the beach longer because sky ended up being lovely oranges and pinks half an hour later. I Thought the wispy effects were superb any way and there was the tiniest rainbow in the middle of the of the clouds .

 And this one taken  a couple of nights ago from the same spot but more golden light


And  more crochet adventure - really filling in time until I buy some more wool to finish my slouch sock ( I ran out of green). So now I'm utilizing a bag of neutral tapestry background wools to make soft tones squares - maybe a quickie pillow.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Sock in progress

The sock I commenced the other day grew to the heel  but was too long - so I pulled it out until it measured 18 cm ( which is what I should have done) and then commenced the heel area again. The upper part of the sock is easy. My sock looks absolutely huge - but then again I have absolutely enormous feet - size 12C - so my sock really is very long. I cant wait to get my toes into these -soooooo warm, really thick - Enough to make my feet sweat!
I really do hate having cold feet and when I put on my slippers I invariably end up with cold ankles.

I heard in the radio this morning (at 6.15 am) the 50 signs of being old - one of them was taking slippers to your friends house when you have sleepovers. That made me laugh, I must have been born old ! well I'll admit it I'm a creature of comfort and not a style master at all.

The slouch socks as they should be (below). I substituted an elongated double crochet stitch for just a double crochet in the length of the foot,  other than that followed the pattern faithfully. (Its another pattern from the art of crochet magazine that I picked up for next to nothing) I'm having fun trying new stitches and think I will make a second pair of sock. One to wear, one to wash.

I was in Typo paper store tonight on the way home from work and snaffled up a bargain - more drawing books at a steal $2 each (normally $20) so I grabbed 5. That'll keep me and Jordy busy for a while!
Back to sock making. Stay Toastie!

Saturday, 22 June 2013


The green ball of wool that I picked up off the craft sale table has been utilized to make another hot water bottle cover. As I suspected it wasn't going to be enough wool but I decided to go ahead anyway. I had another green in the stash that was near enough the colour anyway, although when you look at it in the bright light it looks remarkably a different shade. Oh well .. I am not going to undo it now!

A slightly more cabled neck but I still haven't mastered the cable properly.
And the back of the hottie really shows the variance in colour

I've started a pair of bed socks with the left over wool (because it was handy and feels snuggly warm) and currently I feel very cold and would love warm toastie toes. I have already varied from the pattern - mainly because I don't read the pattern correctly. But I'm making it to fit my foot as I go along - hopefully both socks work out the same. I am taking note of stitch numbers as I go along.

Hope you are all warm and snuggly 
Lucky you if it is summer where you are. It's mid winter and I'm dying for summer all over again.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Onkaparinga River

Last Saturday I spent the  day at the Onkaparinga River for ski races. 
Being winter the events are held on the river rather than the ocean as competitors were complaining it was too cold. 
Gathering to register - most competitors are from the surf life saving clubs wanting to keep fitness up during the winter months

Under 17 lining up for the start. (Ben is in white)
Once the competitors were out of sight and down the river, we went to the local bakery for coffee and cake.

A friendly onlooker, quite used to human company and didn't seem to perturbed by my coming up to him , less than 2 meters but didn't hang around when a dog raced up the river banks

Op Shopping and buying milkware for my sister. I've had some real luck lately when it comes to white ware.

Making another hot water bottle cover. Haven't really got much to report due to the fact that I was flat on my  back for a while, am now standing tall again and have no pain (thank goodness)

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Christina Lowry Giveaway

The lovely Christina Lowry has some 9ct pearl earrings for giveaway - beautiful. Go to here to Christina Lowry Designs  and good luck. the girl knows how to celebrate and share!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Vintage High Tea Bag

It is lovely to come home from work to find a parcel post package waiting for me at the front door and enclosed a bright happy parcel - all for me!
I never think that I will win anything but lucky for me I put my name down when Christina from Christina Lowry Designs blog had a giveaway from the very generous High Tea Vintage of Tasmanian origin.

Oh look I seem to have a theme happening here - grey but very stylish and may I say her sewing is superb. OOh I do love the big chunky buttons.

and a quick peek at my finished bobble cushion top. On to the backing now (but I don't know if I have enough wool - oops)

A this fluffy pigeon joined me for coffee yesterday, quite happy to settle down and fluff up his feathers against the cold air. I can really feel winter coming on now! Brrrr.

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Once again phots in the evening as the light is fading but I cant get home any earlier in between running children around to sporting activities after work.