Saturday, 22 June 2013


The green ball of wool that I picked up off the craft sale table has been utilized to make another hot water bottle cover. As I suspected it wasn't going to be enough wool but I decided to go ahead anyway. I had another green in the stash that was near enough the colour anyway, although when you look at it in the bright light it looks remarkably a different shade. Oh well .. I am not going to undo it now!

A slightly more cabled neck but I still haven't mastered the cable properly.
And the back of the hottie really shows the variance in colour

I've started a pair of bed socks with the left over wool (because it was handy and feels snuggly warm) and currently I feel very cold and would love warm toastie toes. I have already varied from the pattern - mainly because I don't read the pattern correctly. But I'm making it to fit my foot as I go along - hopefully both socks work out the same. I am taking note of stitch numbers as I go along.

Hope you are all warm and snuggly 
Lucky you if it is summer where you are. It's mid winter and I'm dying for summer all over again.

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