Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hallett Cove Conservation Park

Today Jordy and I ventured too Hallett Cove Conservation park to walk along the glacial formations which form the cliff faces and rocky beaches along this part of the coast. I have often in the past walked from Seacliff to Marino and just to the outskirts of the park but never across the boardwalk.  If only I had known that just a few more kilometers would have covered the walk we did today.
The day warmed nicely and was a welcome change after the week of constant rain.

The birds appear to enjoy the sunshine as well sunning themselves on the rocks below

One of the features of the park which has become more obvious to visitors now that an extensive boardwalk has been built is the Sugarloaf formation from eroded sediment and clay. It is named after its resemblance to hard refined sugar and has been shaped by erosion over the last few thousand years.
The regions of Southern Australia were covered  by glacial caps 280 million years ago and melted around 270 million years ago. Clay soils and rock sediment were deposited into glacial lakes with melting of the caps. The waters were relatively calm and are indicated by the layering of the red and boulders,  and white clay The thin brown cap is the youngest layer formed when brown alluvial clay was washed down by a river two million years ago.

The erosion by water and wind is quite pronounced when viewed up close

Coastal daisies Weeds really, but we used to make daisy chains out of them as kids

A Butterfly which we thought originally was happily fluttering in the sun but was really trapped in a spider's web and was further entangling its wing in the fine thread of the web 

And something a little cute -  a shadow cast by the last rays of the sun through the tall cypress pine trees along the drive way ... looks like a golden labrador to me.

Sunday, 11 August 2013


A few lovely nature shots from my walk over OHallaran Hill Reserve  and a cracked egg found on dad's driveway.

I will be working full time for the next half year and will be slightly sporadic with my crafting and blogging. Please continue to drop by. I'm sure that once I'm in a routine for work things will get focused on the crafty side.

I've also joined a gym (yesterday). I thought I needed to commit myself to some regular exercise as the kilos have been piling on and no effort made to remove them. Life is all about choices and I choose to be able to move and enjoy my life in my retirement years, feeling good about myself and how I look and move!

Monday, 5 August 2013

July Sampler and small adventures

July Sampler

1. rainbow monkey quilt in progress 2. spinach and feta muffins 3.birthday lunch with the girls 4. artwork by Jordy 5.&9. hand printed lotus flower stitching 6. baby blues quilt incorporating hand printed fabrics 7. handprinted thistle fabric in baby blues quilt  8. a day a Hahndorf South Australia with Jordy

An attempt a solar dyeing fabric bundles. These were place on the roof of the pergola for a month with dried eucalyptus leaves and spent roses

Got to say not very exciting results - next time I will steam it to extract more colour and will attempt solar dyeing in the summer months

Leaf imprint from the eucalyptus

A day at Port Adelaide to seen a SALA (South Australian Living Artist) showing. The showing wasnt very exciting but I like the crochet yarn bombing that remained from another event even though it is weather worn. A Little  crochet garden on the wired fence next to the road.

And a scooter yarn bombed complete with tassels!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Rainbow Monkey Quilt

 Holidays are wonderful.A bit of extra spare time to be creative in  and ignore all those other impending jobs that you alway feel like you have to do. The recent make of the baby blues quilt made me think that my monkey print would be fun to produce as a rainbow styled quilt. So  I printed up 29 monkeys. An odd number you say! Originally planning a 24 square quilt with a few to spare I didn't really plan the number of monkeys printed (beyond 24) but just used up the last of my black ink. Unfortunately I am a monkey short now.

 Selecting colour was fun. Any bright solid or spotted print that fit in the rainbow. A fat quarter is sufficient amount to piece, so I haven't had to go out and buy any material. The left overs I am thinking of piecing together in odd shaped log cabins

Below the Baby blues quilt finished and bound. Just simple horizontal stripes for quilting. My daughter wouldn't let me cross stripe the quilting. And the teeny tiniest binding ever - which may I say was a pill to sew