Thursday, 19 May 2016

Fractured Pillow and Winter colour

I'd like to say it's spring here and that summer is booming around the corner, but sadly we are just about to head into the cooler winter months. Walking the hill face last weekend felt like a spring day, even the butterflies were flitting about as if to agree with me. Lovely spring colours from the eucalyptus trees also set about to fool me.Our seasons always feel so mixed up here in Australia. Often we will get unseasonalably hot weather in spring and new plantings will suffer in the heat, wilting in duress to the torturous beating of the suns rays. I often wonder and admire in amazement at how my green thumbed friends can maintain their gardens....but we all know that their success is often due to mulching and regular watering (both of which I am not predisposed to doing) So I fail miserably in the garden. If it cant stand on its own legs with minimal support, then it is just going to die in my garden.
My splashes of colour come from sewing . I may not sew seeds but I can certainly string piece bits of material to produce cushions by the dozens (or as many as my back will allow me to sit at my sewing machine)
My latest effort is entirely from my off cut bag, left overs from a quilt. Just enough for two cushions  in similar colourways but opposing directions.

 A here are the beautiful eucalyptus in all their finery. Such a dazzling display.
Check out the ants filling up on nectar in the flowers

  I love the burnt orange colours as the flowers  begin to dry and wilt

Chasing butterflies!

 And a well camouflaged native
 That is my weekend past in a nut shell....1 more day of work and then I get to play all over again.Cant wait.


  1. You may not sow seeds of beautiful plants but you certainly 'sew' amazing creations of glorious colour....oh...and capture the most beautiful photos. Your cushions add a touch of Spring to any Winter's day.

  2. Love your cushions! They caught my eye immediately because I just made a quilt with the pattern from one of Kathy Doughty's book . Cushions are a great idea. And those flowers....beautiful! It is for the first time I see eucalyptus flowers!!! (I'm from the Netherlands) I didn't know those they had them. Sometimes people plant the trees here but they never have flowers like those.

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