Monday, 16 November 2015

Across the dunes

I went cockling on Saturday. You may well ask what this is and all I can tell you is that you dig in the sand on the shore line for shell mollusc  that are great bait for fishing. The eastern Australians call them pippies and some people even find them good eating. That being said I didn't take one photo of the process because I was too busy getting saturated in the waves with my bum up in the air digging around.
What I did take photos of was the path to the beach across the dunes, where I became entranced with the small things-  weeds,  they may be, but interesting when you look closer. Nature gives such wonderful shape and size to things. Everything has its own individual pattern and captures light in such delicate ways.

Rolling sphinifix  grass has such subtle hues of green

Seed heads ready to puff into the wind

Tiny delicate flowers

A weed but no less interesting with its budding head

And a capture of the bird life in the beach dunes.

Entirely Birds

Yep it's me again! An entire post of birds and mostly of the rainbow lorrikeets that hang in my neighbourhood. I've spent a week or so with my neck craned upwards looking at these noisy critters doing their thing in the neighbouring trees. They are chatty little folk that like to start having a natter outside my bedroom window at about 5 am in the morning. They are in full song before 6.30 am, so it doesn't allow for a lot of opportunity to sleep in when not heading off to work.

Morning exercises girls to the right  and then through the legs!

 I love the differing blooms in the eucalyptus trees, and so do the lorrikeets.

and the noisy minor birds

Upside down feeding, just because we can

Aren't these blooms just spectacular!

Cozying  up to someone you love

  Brilliant colour in the ash tree in the late afternoon light

And here's to a hasty exit
God speed to all. 

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Tickle Tank

Hello everyone.

Finally I am back after a long break away. I was initially unwell with the world's grottiest (filthy)cold. It turned me into a spluttering mess and I actually resided in my bed for at least four days. I was off work for the week and managed to turn a few heads when I returned to work with my barking cough. That being said it was more viral than anything else, my nasal passages remained relatively clear of any green mucous..thankfully...but my head did suffer from headache/flu symptoms. Enough! Once recovered I have been slow to return to blogging. I have happily visited others but the effort required to actually start writing evaded me. My crafting efforts started off slowly but I am back to producing with gusto...finishing off and starting anew.

I note I haven't as yet showed you the Tickle tank and will do so now.
Wow it seems like so long ago that I went to Mount Barker to investigate a large water holding tank that has been converted by an artist couple into a home. The block of land that it stands on is not a large one, but the gardens that meander around the tank and the little nooks and crannies that are made into little outdoor rooms for sitting are lovely.

As you enter the garden you find the blue room. mosaic water feature made from recycled goods

 Old concrete drain pipes recycled into chairs with etched hearts and roses

from purple to oranges. Even the rocks get a paint treatment

 Tight corners with just enough room for a chair and the path to meander by

Sculptural forms nettled in every nook and cranny

 A separate tower room for the artist in residence at the top of the tank.

 Another little nook to view the beautiful mosaics

 Broken crockery - dont throw away!

Wooden birds, handmade

A view of the artist tower

Mermaids in the garden

Mosaic details

If only they could talk

 Sneaky peaks inside, I want this painting!

More birds  and iron  garden stakes

 Glad you took the time to duck in! See you soon with a catch up of what I have been working on.
Cheers Mon xx