Monday, 16 November 2015

Across the dunes

I went cockling on Saturday. You may well ask what this is and all I can tell you is that you dig in the sand on the shore line for shell mollusc  that are great bait for fishing. The eastern Australians call them pippies and some people even find them good eating. That being said I didn't take one photo of the process because I was too busy getting saturated in the waves with my bum up in the air digging around.
What I did take photos of was the path to the beach across the dunes, where I became entranced with the small things-  weeds,  they may be, but interesting when you look closer. Nature gives such wonderful shape and size to things. Everything has its own individual pattern and captures light in such delicate ways.

Rolling sphinifix  grass has such subtle hues of green

Seed heads ready to puff into the wind

Tiny delicate flowers

A weed but no less interesting with its budding head

And a capture of the bird life in the beach dunes.


  1. So pretty and so many different kinds of weeds/grasses in such a special environment (not the easiest to survive with the wind and salt water).
    I would love to have seen a pic of you in the waves! :-)))

  2. so so so pretty and beautiful and I could feel the sea :) I have never done any digging for anything at a beach. except putting my feet in the sand!!


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