Thursday, 3 December 2015

Four Calling Birds

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love sent to me.....
Four Calling birds
and an inability to finish this for thee>>>
ha ha ha!
So much for Christmas carols, but aren't these guys cute all lined up and snuggled together in our tree.

Other flying things to appear around here are some of my dragon fly prints made into cushions... it only took me about six hours to crochet the edging (because of the bobble stitch and also having to blanket stitch around the edge first) The things a gal will do to sell a cushion!

Actually I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself as I have virtually sold all my saleable items recently and now can make a fresh start for the new year! Yipeee! I f only I had some spare time.

Spoons have once again been on the go. This one made from the cherry tree branch that was hanging dead on our side of the fence.

A pair of loved up birds necking outside in the trees.
And another spooning couple have flown the coup as well.

Back to Merry making....plenty of festive activity happening, not a lot of crafting!

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  1. I enjoy when you post about birds because your birds do not live here at all :) Love seeing your crafty goodness!


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