Friday, 18 December 2015

Gold Coast

In between working we snuck away to the Gold Coast for six days. David had a conference and Jordy and I tagged along for a mini break.  I went for a wander around the Burleigh Heads conservation park again in hope of seeing some birds again foraging around the rocks but it wasn't to be this time. The tide was in too far so no sand was exposed for birds to fossick in. I collected a few pieces of drift wood, thinking that they may or may not make spoons. I am really not to sure how they will carve up. But one never knows until you try. It is a lovely walk around the headlands and just a little further around this corner the surfers launch themselves off of the rocks to catch the break. It is fun watching them carve up the waves (no matter how small)
palms growing along the edge of the water.
I love the differing textures to be seen in the driftwood

Burleigh beach proper complete with surf patrol.
On to Kirra beach and Snapper Rocks, much the same scenery... just as nice

local inhabitant, a bearded dragon  / lizard sunning on the rocks

Surf fun in the sun for all those of you in colder climates. May I say that I am back in Adelaide and the temperature is currently in the mid 40s  (degree C) so we are sweltering here. We are not called the driest state in the driest country for nothing. Even the ocean is beginning to warm up and going for a dip at the beach is not necessarily refreshing...roll in the cooler weather


  1. Lovely pictures of a world that seems so much different than ours at the moment (although our winter feels more like spring :-))

  2. so glad you were able to tag along and take us with you :) Love the driftwood photos as well, and of course the sun and sand and beach and water :)


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