Monday, 30 January 2012

Royal Show Adelaide

Even though the Royal Adelaide show was in September I feel the need to show the wonderful colourful and creative work that was on display in the pavilions. I was riffling through past photos quickly and felt the need to share this inspirational work.

 Kate and William even get a show in..

Pig racing always a must see

And pig diving??

A trashy display outside the haunted house...Toxic

 Fairies and angels

Dusk and all the bright lights

Up in the ferriswheel looking over the show

Better late than never!! I really do love the vibrancy of the flowered mannequins

Twenty Wishes

I have just finished reading a book called Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber. Definitely an enjoyable quick read as I read the book in one day (well into the wee small hours of the night). It tells the tale of a group of women whom are widows at differing ages of life, whom enjoy each others company and set about to fulfil 20 wishes that they desire or have wanted to do but haven't allowed themselves the time to do. Its definitely not a to do list of chores but more small surprises and treats or sometimes larger goals that were always shelves away because of family commitments or lack of motivation. I like this idea and am going to start making my list, not necessarily things that will cost a lot of money but make small plans for myself.

1. This is a desire for the future - I would like to bike ride with my family on a 4-5 day trek. I'm not sure of the destination but think that's a  decision we could make together. I thought it would be a nice thing to do for my 50th birthday.
2. In the near future (about 6 months away I'd like to complete Amy's Ride. Its a 60 km bike ride so I need to start building up my fitness
3. I want to learn how to etch and have seen a course with a local college TAFE that I can enrol in
4. I think I would like to learn how to surf, but not while the kids are around. We have surf boards...
5. lose 20 kg weight, that's not an unrealistic goal but Ill try for 10kg first
That is all I can think of the moment but Ill add to it as I consider things more carefully- its not easy to know what you want

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Underwater World

Jordana received an underwater camera for Christmas and recently went to Noarlunga Reef to try out the camera. Noarlunga reef is just south of Adelaide and is very accessible from the beach or nearby jetty. At low tide you can walk across the top of it (which Ben and his cousin Lachlan are doing). It is a no fishing area so there is plenty of sea life and fish around.

I like the closeness to the water in these photos. You can see how close the jetty and the reef are to each other.

 Dave, my  husband and friend Chris on Noarlunga beach.

Summer holidays dont you just love them

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Middleton Findings

I forgot to show you this sweet "boat" that I found on Middleton beach. I actually found this piece of wood that must have originally been part of a fence post as it has a nicely drilled hole straight through the middle. The piece of wood screamed boat to me and I promptly found a stick of wood for a mast. Jordana later found a piece of coral/ sea plant that almost is the shape of  a heart that nestles nicely in the hull of the boat.

It now sits on top of one of my picture frames in the bedroom. HAppY!

Sunday, 22 January 2012


I've just had a flying visit to the south coast, Middleton with my sister Diana and the children in tow. Sadly I could only stay for one night but really enjoyed my day down the beach with her. We had fun boogie boarding and I went for a wander along the beach and picked up every scrap of rope that had been washed up by the tide. I then proceeded to make a wreath from rope and sea plants. I also found this really interesting ball of sea twigs which had become tangled with fishing line to make this ball, which we hung from a stick.
I left the wreath at the beach and hope that someone might take it home.

It may be a bit scrappy but was only made from stuff found on the beach

Its really interesting don't you think?

and just quickly I hung my paintings in my room

Thanks to Sarah from for your lovely comments. I was really excited to hear from you.
Got to get ready for work now. bye..