Sunday, 22 January 2012


I've just had a flying visit to the south coast, Middleton with my sister Diana and the children in tow. Sadly I could only stay for one night but really enjoyed my day down the beach with her. We had fun boogie boarding and I went for a wander along the beach and picked up every scrap of rope that had been washed up by the tide. I then proceeded to make a wreath from rope and sea plants. I also found this really interesting ball of sea twigs which had become tangled with fishing line to make this ball, which we hung from a stick.
I left the wreath at the beach and hope that someone might take it home.

It may be a bit scrappy but was only made from stuff found on the beach

Its really interesting don't you think?

and just quickly I hung my paintings in my room

Thanks to Sarah from for your lovely comments. I was really excited to hear from you.
Got to get ready for work now. bye..

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