Friday, 30 December 2011

Storm and Tempest

Adelaide's weather generally is pretty warm at this time of the year and tomorrow - New Years Eve will be no exception with a hot 38- 40 degree Celsius. Contrasting to this last weekend saw strong winds and inclement weather blow in at the end of yet another warm day. I managed to take a few  photos from the cliff face at Somerton of the front beginning to roll in and not long after the heavens opened up with pelting rain. The worst of the storm was further North near Whyalla where hail and gale force winds wreaked havoc.
I love the contrast in colour of the sky against the ocean. Both photos were taken at the same time at slightly differing angles. An hour before the front rolled in the beach was full of people and many craft were still in the water. Hopefully the weather will stay clear for fireworks and beach frivolity for New Year revellers.
Wishing you all  a safe and blessed New Year and I look forward to 2012 with all its hope and promise. God Bless.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Judgement day has been and gone and the esteemed judges giggled their way through the ward as they  looked at our art work and hilarious representation of the pantomime of Aladdin. The images of staff photo shopped into the characters of Aladdin and elves pointing the way around the ward has provided a lot of amusement over the previous weeks and occasional causes traffic jams in the main entrance to the ward. The exercise of creating the decorations has generated a lot of good will between staff. Everybody got on board and assisted with painting scenes and helping to make the hundreds of paper flowers that hang from our very long corridors

 The entrance to the ward, a little temple like.
 The stars of the pantomime are the doctors of the colorectal and upper gastrointestinal units, all good sports for allowing us a little fun.
 The main desk at the front of the ward. Lots of lanterns and flowers from the ceilings.

 A helpful little elf, Pam, one of the ward clerks.

 Paper flowers made from serviettes and paper towels.

 Aladdin's palace
 Part of the market scene- supposed to be chinese dolls and plates, colourful at least.
Some of the elves and helpers of the ward. Everybody was represented, even me. I'm on the left. Sonya was very kind and gave me a great body.

 The cave scene, we were surprised nobody at the chocolate coins.
 The Emperors palace

 Wishey Washey's Laundry
 Happily ever after...

Saturday, 3 December 2011

A quick peek in the garden

Love the colour of the passion fruit flower I spied as I was actually gazing up at  tree on a walk in the local neighbour hood.

Inspired by the passionflower I have started a quilt (some time ago). Its still waiting for finishing touches before being quilted, and for that also it will have to wait in line as with other projects on the go.

This bottle brush plant looks exquisite and has cheery Christmas feel about it

A lovely Hipestrium flower that grew just before Christmas, what a magnificent display

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Deck The Halls

An Australian Christmas may be hot and dry, but that doesn't mean we don't get into the spirit of Christmas and decorate for the occasion. One of the greatest joys of being a crafter is putting those skills to good use at Christmas time and going over the top to add to the feeling of festive cheer. Red and green is predominant in my decorating and I tend just to add to the mix each year.
My christmas Quilt designed by Lynette Anderson.

a collection of stitcheries to cover the heater

A Christmas tree of homemade and bought decorations
An angel to reside over the tree
My angel happy that the tree is up at last

Hand made elves that I bought at Christmas craft fair

Lynette Andersens quilt in detail. I had fun adding beads and buttons to add detail

A wreath made from the flowers that were used for our wedding table decorations

a lovely lace hydrangea that I  bought to brighten the outside entrance, I'll plant it in the garden later.