Friday, 30 December 2011

Storm and Tempest

Adelaide's weather generally is pretty warm at this time of the year and tomorrow - New Years Eve will be no exception with a hot 38- 40 degree Celsius. Contrasting to this last weekend saw strong winds and inclement weather blow in at the end of yet another warm day. I managed to take a few  photos from the cliff face at Somerton of the front beginning to roll in and not long after the heavens opened up with pelting rain. The worst of the storm was further North near Whyalla where hail and gale force winds wreaked havoc.
I love the contrast in colour of the sky against the ocean. Both photos were taken at the same time at slightly differing angles. An hour before the front rolled in the beach was full of people and many craft were still in the water. Hopefully the weather will stay clear for fireworks and beach frivolity for New Year revellers.
Wishing you all  a safe and blessed New Year and I look forward to 2012 with all its hope and promise. God Bless.

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