Wednesday, 30 October 2013

October Sampler

A busy month of crafting, hopefully can remain inspired next month and then wind down for Christmas!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Images I Am Partial To

You Know I like them --that's what I mean by partial....I collect images as I go along and have been plonking them on this page

A little inspiration for the Halloween season ( and even though I dont participate in the halloween festivities I do like this pumpkins get up!)

Always attracted to patterning and leaves...

Who doesn t like circles - they are always good for doodling... they are kind of calming

Beautiful  colour and simplicity of form. I currently have a fetish for triangles and have bought another template plastic for an isosceles triangle (I think that is how you spell it)
Dont know where I sourced this from ???

A little inspiration for Christmas - beautiful and sweet

Tilda Corner Shop Collection

Tilda Sweet Christmas Polar Bear in Cloche

Lush and simple to make - just stunning

jewellery dishes how to the red thread

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Red Pouch , Red Pouch

More red pouches!

Waratah print

And Wheel Flower - An ode to Margaret Preston

 Lots and lots of sewing.. not much to say, except that I'm just about out of red and orange zippers. Time to change to a different coloured material

Friday, 25 October 2013

Sewing Like Crazy

See what happens when you let me at a machine for any length of time.... I turn into a complete Zombie. I had to throw something into the halloween mix! Caleb showed me the zombie app he downloaded and of course I had to get into the axe! I look terrifying

And yes I have actually been sewing.
I've made a few more pouches when I got home from work. I actually printed the fabric first and then whipped them up on the sewing machine. I've printed enough material to make 9 pouches - ran out of material otherwise I would have kept on printing. I've utilised 3 old linoprints that I've made over the years- 3 prints of each all in red.
Here is the first lino print made into a couple of pouches

No. 1

 underside of pouch

No. 2

Tomorrow (weekend yeah!) I can sew up the rest.. For now I have been banned from sewing in the lounge room as the family want to watch a movie.
Actually looking at the print it almost looks like blood smatterings when viewed after the zombie picture. At any rate it is a very red post!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Zippered Pouch

I've made a zippered pouch -aka - make up bag for my daughter last night. It was relatively quick to make so i might whip a few extras for Christmas pressies. I like the  circular print - circular shapes are kind of soothing to me.  A little pouch love!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Berry Christmas Stocking

Do you want to see lots of the same but different?
Having finished the Christmas stocking I was stitching I couldn't wait to photograph it - therefore flash photography. The alternative is wait until the weekend and that seems to far away by all accounts.

Then I played around with lots of other photos i had stored - a flash of red, one with a more neutral tone and back to a bang of red again.

Anyway it is done - can't decide whether I like the stocking but I enjoyed the exercise in stitching.`

Should I give it a bit of fur trim?? What I really would like to do is add one more star in the top left hand corner I think that would balance it out a bit better - but that would be too hard now that it is all sewn together. you know it is going to bother me! Not tonight anyway. Better go clean up my mess.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pop of Pink

Some natural dyeing over the weekend with muslin and berries. Once again I have just hung them on the line to be washed by the inclement weather we have been having.
The poppies are beautiful dont you think? Luckily a few days ago I photographed them as the wind has swept their heads off overnight. Hopefully the remainder of the poppies will wait until calmer weather to burst forth so that I can enjoy them.

The same two scarves photographed inside in the shade and outside in direct sunlight. Makes a big difference to the colour and vibrancy

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


I had some left over fabric from covering my mother in laws dining room chairs and had an inkling that I would like to do a little cross stitch in red..mmm..Well that was my original intention until yesterday when i dropped into the patchwork shop down the road from work,on  my way to a meeting (in my own time both events) Anyway I was captured by Moda's lovely soft coloured blue material with smatterings of winter berries. So my inclination to utilise red thread changed to blue.

After completing a few stars I thought it might be nice to incorporate the little white branches with red berries

Can't wait to see it finished.

Over the weekend I also started to utilise the strips leftover from the rainbow monkey quilt.
So i've sewn up groupings of color any old which way and then carved them up into equilateral triangles. I thought a hexi quilt would be nice.

I prefer the spaced placement with a plain coloured triangle between.
More unfinished business.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Hexagon Christmas Stocking

cute raccoon tapestry

I've had an all out mad 3 days of sewing and crafting. i just couldn't help myself.,sometimes you get that urge to sew and sew. ..and that is just what I have done.
I grabbed my stack of gifted hand printed fabric from Hand Printed Fabric Swap III and finally utilised some of the delicious colours and prints given to me. I particularly liked the colouring of Melanie Cooks leaf print in soft yellows and greens, they have a light and airy feel about them and lend to the festive feel of the stocking. Also in the mix is a selection of my own printed fabrics the blues from my thistle print and pomegranates in soft pinks.
Then throw in some doilies ( also hand dyed), cross stitch, hand stitching and tapestry oddments. Cut out a heap of hexis - sew all afternoon and you get a super large stocking !
I must say my back is aching from bending over but I am happy with the result .

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bibs n Bucket

Its the long weekend and after a blitz of cleaning I took the opportunity to drag out my sewing machine.
It was a  little cantankerous for a while and the thread kept on breaking - duh - every now and then you have to change over the needle. That done and everything  went swimmingly after that.
I have finally managed to make those baby bibs that I printed material for a few weeks ago.

They are really bright arent they?  I just have to buy some velcro for fasteners and then they are done.

I had enough for three geometric patterned bibs and two of the bright green circular patterns.

I used a small amount of the blue circular print to make a fabric bucket. Some how or rather I managed to fluke the measurements of the circle to match the length of fabric to fit the circumference - pretty happy about that! I imagine I could have looked up a pattern but it was kind of an impulse thing to make.

And that is how I  spent my afternoon. Went for  an evening walk up over the hill, my first since having a cold. I still seem to be breathless on exertion but at least I only cough occasionally. One of the girls at work told me yesterday that a patient described me as the tall funny nurse with a cough like a dogs bark... That says it all.