Wednesday, 16 October 2013


I had some left over fabric from covering my mother in laws dining room chairs and had an inkling that I would like to do a little cross stitch in red..mmm..Well that was my original intention until yesterday when i dropped into the patchwork shop down the road from work,on  my way to a meeting (in my own time both events) Anyway I was captured by Moda's lovely soft coloured blue material with smatterings of winter berries. So my inclination to utilise red thread changed to blue.

After completing a few stars I thought it might be nice to incorporate the little white branches with red berries

Can't wait to see it finished.

Over the weekend I also started to utilise the strips leftover from the rainbow monkey quilt.
So i've sewn up groupings of color any old which way and then carved them up into equilateral triangles. I thought a hexi quilt would be nice.

I prefer the spaced placement with a plain coloured triangle between.
More unfinished business.

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