Monday, 7 October 2013

Hexagon Christmas Stocking

cute raccoon tapestry

I've had an all out mad 3 days of sewing and crafting. i just couldn't help myself.,sometimes you get that urge to sew and sew. ..and that is just what I have done.
I grabbed my stack of gifted hand printed fabric from Hand Printed Fabric Swap III and finally utilised some of the delicious colours and prints given to me. I particularly liked the colouring of Melanie Cooks leaf print in soft yellows and greens, they have a light and airy feel about them and lend to the festive feel of the stocking. Also in the mix is a selection of my own printed fabrics the blues from my thistle print and pomegranates in soft pinks.
Then throw in some doilies ( also hand dyed), cross stitch, hand stitching and tapestry oddments. Cut out a heap of hexis - sew all afternoon and you get a super large stocking !
I must say my back is aching from bending over but I am happy with the result .


  1. What a terrific idea! And a lovely alternative to the ubiquitous red and green :)

  2. The little doily hexagons are perfect. So pretty you'll want to have it out all year round. x

  3. That is so pretty I love the addition of the crochet ..Well done


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