Monday, 12 October 2015

tapestry & crochet

There was plenty of noise outside tonight with birds screeching in the tree. I wandered outside to photograph them and only managed this one shot before the battery died in the camera. Note to self : recharge the camera after each expedition.
I have actually been on several outings lately and haven't downloaded the photos (it takes such a long time) so I will probably show the rest later in the week.

This tapestry cushion was actually finished weeks ago but I never bought fibre fill for the stuffing until last week and then took a really long time to find the time and place to photograph it.
I actually stopped on the way home through the hills on the side of the road , after visiting the Tickle Tank (yes you can marvel at the name, but you will marvel more at the ingenuity of the owners that live in the tank. But that is a story for another day, as I have too many pictures to show you)

Isn't this a beautiful tree? Peeling bark and surrounded by snowy white blossoms. i should have snapped a shot a la natural - Without the glaring intrusive colours of the cushion. That blue really stands out!

The tapestry was originally a framed picture completed by my friend Pam. She had grown tired of it and was going to give it to an op shop but instead I snapped it up, ripped it out of the frame and then proceeded to add a lacy crochet border. This is the best kind of recycling,,, a quality product to start with and minimal effort on my behalf. I know that I would not willingly choose to spend the hours to complete the tapestry and finish it in this life time!

See you next at the Tickle Tank!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Clare Valley

 Good food, good wine, a summery day and good company. What  more could you want? Apparently you can ask your sisters friend to book you a table at Skillogellees Winery, Clare Valley for a table on the verandah when the wisteria is in bloom (This grand show is only available to a lucky few for 2 weeks of the year) Apparently we booked the last table on the verandah for that day. Not only does it look stunning it smells superb. I felt very decadent sitting and relaxing with these two and enjoying the gentle pulse of the day. After lunch we did a spot of wine tasting in the tasting area and then I snuck across the road to photograph the lovely wild flowers on the hillside.

A few more wineries and then lastly to Sevenhills winery and Jesuit monastery, a very picturesque spot complete with ruins

A very formidable church, I probably should have wandered inside to have a look at the architecture and stain glass windows but I was chomping at the bit to walk to the ruins.

 Someone has left a old bicycle strategically placed against the wall of this little cottage

Directly opposite  the main ruins of Weikert Cottage -apparently under restoration 

I love how nature manages to take hold in the oddest places and gradually loosens the permanency of man - eventually everything returns to rubble given enough time.
No matter the grandeur of a structure , our presence here is only fleeting. I wonder what will you leave behind. I promise to leave a stack of quilts and crafted projects, and a pile of unfinished works! My crafty lady friends will have a field day riffling through the entrails of my accumulated crafted wealth.

 A picture in a picture. I had to force these two to join me (by Phone) telling them it was too good a photo opportunity to refuse.

An usual sight for South Australia wild lavender growing on mass across many a sloping hillsides , it is short and widespread.

Well that is my very pleasant weekend away, I have a few bottles of wine to help me remember it.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Clearview Farm, Hamley Bridge


I have just had the pleasure of spending part of the long weekend north of Adelaide in a quaint country town of Hamley Bridge, SA on Clearview Farm with my sister and friend.
We arrived just before sunset and went for a stroll amongst the wheat fields to enjoy the glowing embers of the sun.

It really is mesmerising watching the stalks glow golden and sway with rustle of heads  in the gentle breeze. The heads of wheat look healthy and will hopefully receive a few more doses of rain before the dry sets in and the heads mature. (This may not occur as we have already hit the mid 30's Celsius over the weekend and we are not halfway through Spring)

The patches of dry grasses and red dirt remind you of what the surroundings will look like in summer, but for now everything is lush and green.

The wheat silos of the farm even look interesting in this light. 

Panoramic views of sweeping plains.

 Can't get away from technology, mind you we were taking photos!

 Great way to get my hay fever going by climbing into the grasses to pose for photos. Diana didn't seem to be bothered.

Look what happens when you put the two of us together. FOOLS

opposing directions, differing light.

Yes I know I am the most amazing thing you have ever seen but really must you stare!

And the next day following the creek bed I spied a greater bird in the distant tree. - It's quite far away but I decided to zoom in and take a few shots as I moved in. Most birds get skitty and fly away as you approach if they dont recognise you as a regular visitor.
I was really surprised to see it was a white owl. And I just absolutely love the browed expressions over the eyes. I always thought this look was made up.

ttomorrow I will take you into Clare to visit some ruins

Thursday, 1 October 2015

September - The Month That Was

Park Life

The local schools and park have still  a significant number of large gum trees despite many of the them being culled (they are considered a safety risk to children, falling gum tree boughs do occur frequently and unexpectedly). Anyway there is still enough to support a reasonable population of birds. It's a noisy  place at sunset, a hive of activity with feeding birds (if not disturbed by human foot traffic).
This raucous fella was most put out that I even dared approach at distance and put on quite a display so that I would not disturb his watering hole. The neighbours have left tubs of water out for the birds as there is a bought of early hot weather coming (well over 30) and it is only early spring,

I decided I should back off and hid behind this tree and noticed in the next tree some lorrikeets flitting in and out of the y shape in the tree. It appears there is a hollow which is a nest and  is occupied by more than 2 adult birds, -  3 that I could tell and I'm not even sure if they are the same breed - or maybe male and 2 females?

2 females?

1 male?

Around the corner and back on the ground a flock of galahs were very happily eating the grass seeds, not at all fussed by my presence.

Another and differing specimen of flowering eucalyptus...looking quite pretty in the fading sun

ET must have stopped by and left some hand prints

Back on the ground and still chewing

Hope you get your fill today, have a lovely one.