Saturday, 28 March 2015

Crochet - Finally something crafty

What do we have here?
Aaargh AaRGH  Youre telling the story!

A wavy brown sea perhaps

Nope. Just getting towards the end of my crochet blanket\
My original intention was to make it king sized but the weight of the blanket is already too heavy and if I ever decide to wash it would become impossible to handle.
So a single sized blanket it is. My decision was also decided by the fact that I am running out of options in the neutral tones of wool and didn't want to buy more if I wasn't going to go larger. 
So I now have to do the edging
That will probably take another few months at the rate I have been working (but at least I have started)

Well what is that yellow thing. Looks like yummy flowers to eat!
My latest op shopped acquisition - Originally the frame was apricot (of 70's/80's style- I cant remember which ) Anyway a quick lick of paint did the trick. Now I just have to find somewhere to put it. I think after I have painted my living room walls white (currently tuscan glow -red) I will easily find a home for it. Time for a change after more than 12 years with red walls.

So thats what the whole thing looks like guys.

My first crafted post for the month, had to get something in before April arrives!
Cheers see you soon - invariably with more bird posts ????

Friday, 27 March 2015

Torrens River Birds

I can't help myself. I was near the river again today and had to stop and visit my feathered friends. i managed to find a few different types of water birds hence the photo laden posting today. I find it really difficult to cull the pictures but you can whizz through at your own pace.
The light today was particularly good for photographing - cloudy - so I didn't have to combat the glare of the sun.
I feel particularly blessed to live in a city that is so full of nature and wildlife in the suburbs. You never have to go far to be surrounded by the noise of birds in the trees or a beautiful strip of nature on the beaches or the hills.

Ok so dont panic. There is nothing wrong with this bird...other than the fact that his head appears to be way too heavy for his neck to support. This pelican is doing some bizarre fishing technique, I think he might be scoping the water with one eye as he paddles along, Purely ridiculous look but must be a proven effective method otherwise why repeat the exercise?

I love the reflection of the bill in the water.

I'm not too sure if there are two different types of cormorants in the following with black feathers, one with brown or if they are the same  species but different idea. Let me know if you know the names of these birds. Note the feathers are shaped similarly and so are the beaks.

Wading birds

Cockatoo on top of a light pole near the river

Manmade pelicans at the junction of the Torrens River and the sea at Henley beach South Australia

 More wading birds. I think I photographed one of these perched up in a gum tree last night and the white sulphur crested cockatoos were going ballistic at it...not happy to have their territory occupied by another breed of bird

Different type of cormarant? - webbed feet

A view of the Torrens river meeting the sea

Cheers and thanks for visiting

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Cockatoo Tails

Aaargh! Aargh! thats about sums up a conversation with a white cockatoo. These birds hang high in the gum trees and are a real pain in the neck to take a photograph of - that is if you have my neck.
Tilt head back and zoom in to focus on lofty creatures above. Meet sulphur crested cockatoo (yellow cocky) and long billed corellas (red markings around eyes)

AArgh. aarg! How you doing? Just stand directly under me and I 'll let you know how I'm feeling!

So you are a bit smarter than I gave you credit for. But you better watch out - my friends will distract you whilst I gamble over these branches and maneuver myself into a better position. Aargh Argh Hey You guys How about getting in on the act?

Sssspst! Come on guys!

What ? You want some help over there?
Yeah , yeah we are on our way.
Fred! Marta! Stop rubber necking and get over here.

 Jees Fred ! Do you reckon I could have a few feathers left intact? I'm not a launching pad.

 Okay line up
 Back to back is good!
Bombs away!
 Hee hee I almost wet myself. Did you see her run.
Yep Im watching to see how long it takes to realise I bulleyed her in the middle of her head. Ha ha she found it. Think I'm going to fall off my perch

 Marta you alright?
 Augggh my head is a bit sore!
 You'll be right. Siddle up over here and I'll kiss it better

You're too sweet.