Friday, 20 March 2015

Pelicans On The Pat (take 2)

I've Been back to the Patawalonga River to visit these finely feathered creatures. I dropped Jordana off at school and kept travelling to the river near the airport. I was graced with presence of about five pelicans, three of which were within close proximity of the walking path. The numbers weren't as significant as my last visit look here but I was armed with a better camera . For once I came prepared and didn't have to make do with my phone camera.

These two guys basically didn't move from the spot they occupied the whole time I spent visiting. I'm sure if I had some fish heads I would have attracted some attention.

The cormorants were in their usual spot

I love the reflections in the water and the little duck sidling up to the two big guys

Just to break the monotony - a bull reed adds a splash of colour to all the grey.

I do love the yellow of the pelicans eyes, the dude below looks most serious. He actually became most fervent about cleaning up his appearance and really had a good dig under his arm pit. His side of the pond must be a bit stinky  to warrant such detailed and acrobatic attention to his hygiene!

Yep we are still standing here! Are you quite finished with all that preening?

Finally a bit of movement. Just a little. The guy on the left is scanning the water for delectable titbits and actually attempts  a plunge into the water with his head

Nope - no luck. Back to sitting and waiting

See you later !

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  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty!
    And funny.. (a good dig under his armpits!)

    I want to live in Australia!


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