Thursday, 19 March 2015


The crocus have just reared their blooms in the garden this week. They alert me to the change of season. Just when you get used to the blazing heat and dry, hot days and nights ...these little beauties say yes the season is changing - the weather is becoming more mild and the nights slightly cooler. I always think of them as belonging to spring but really they just announce Autumn and the impending chill of Winter.

It's such a pretty splash of colour to burgeon its head out of the brown leaf littered mess that is called my garden.

I've noticed a change in my mood. Of late I have been a little sullen and morose. I have  found it difficult to deal with the changing political climate at work, the hot sweaty flushes of pre/ menopause, the rattling prattle of some of my friends  and the loss of my dear pooch whose companionship is sorely missed.

But suddenly a change is a foot and I have found a zeal for new beginnings - wanting to spruce up the garden and general tidying up around the house. Although tidying my house is like beating an old work horse that has been flogged many times and really is too exhausted to give anymore. I really need a serious handyman to come in a reboot the bones of this old house and an extensive wallet to deal with cost of said repairs. Frustration reigns again - my gas oven has karked it ( the same problem as last time) and I have been out looking for a new oven. So cooking is back to basic stove top cooking and trying to reinvent vegetable into new stir fry and salad forms. I've been working on the brown crochet blanket a lot lately and hence haven't thought it note worthy to take yet another photo of what you have seen before. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I will get back into the swing of things and write a little more frequently. Hoping you are well and blessed with sun fillled happy days. x

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  1. lovely flowers! We are seeing early signs of spring and soon we will be having some flowers in a few weeks, I am ready :)


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