Saturday, 28 March 2015

Crochet - Finally something crafty

What do we have here?
Aaargh AaRGH  Youre telling the story!

A wavy brown sea perhaps

Nope. Just getting towards the end of my crochet blanket\
My original intention was to make it king sized but the weight of the blanket is already too heavy and if I ever decide to wash it would become impossible to handle.
So a single sized blanket it is. My decision was also decided by the fact that I am running out of options in the neutral tones of wool and didn't want to buy more if I wasn't going to go larger. 
So I now have to do the edging
That will probably take another few months at the rate I have been working (but at least I have started)

Well what is that yellow thing. Looks like yummy flowers to eat!
My latest op shopped acquisition - Originally the frame was apricot (of 70's/80's style- I cant remember which ) Anyway a quick lick of paint did the trick. Now I just have to find somewhere to put it. I think after I have painted my living room walls white (currently tuscan glow -red) I will easily find a home for it. Time for a change after more than 12 years with red walls.

So thats what the whole thing looks like guys.

My first crafted post for the month, had to get something in before April arrives!
Cheers see you soon - invariably with more bird posts ????


  1. Your crochet blanket is looking great, Monique; so, so many squares. Your placement of each square is inspired! Obviously your avian friends are impressed as well. Another lovely op shop acquisition. White walls have the nod of approval from me! ;)

    1. Start painting in a couple of days when I start holidays

  2. We also have one red wall in our living room, though I still like it , I am also thinking of painting it a lighter colour. to catch more sun. Your painting will absolutely look great on the new walls.
    I simply adore your blanket. The colour combination is well done. I think it is already big as it is. You are right by saying it still has to be able to go in the washing. I am crocheting some new granny's at this moment and they also are on a brownish background (perhaps you got me inspired without me knowing it?)

    Do you remember we still have to start making a quilt (from your beautiful quilt book) at the same time? By the end of May, things will slow down at school, perhaps we can start then?

    1. Looking forward to starting a quilt after May would be good...holidays are coming soon...yeah...excited ha[[y dance..two more shifts and a month off

  3. I think your new picture will look amazing on fresh white walls.
    Your blanket is stunning. x

    1. Thanks Zara ,, just about to start round 3 of the edging but that will take a few days to do because I am back at work at the moment

  4. beautiful crocheting and I adore the picture!


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