Friday, 29 May 2015

Eco Dyeing- Natural dyes

I bought a bag of small wool balls, all one colour in a very neutral soft pink/ shell toned. The colour wasnt displeasing , it just wasnt anything. So I decided to try some eco dyeing. I bought some purple carrots for dinner the same day and used one (just to see if they tasted any different to the run of the mill orange carrots).  I thought they actually had a stronger flavour which the second child, 18 year old, was not pleased with. Anyway the purple juice from the carrot looked inviting so I grabbed a ball and dipped it in the carrot juices.
 Pomegranates dried on the tree give a nice yellow  hue

The beach this afternoon, silvery afternoon colours as I drove past on the school pick up run.

Subtle differences in colours. I love the soft muted tones that are obtained from natural eco dyes. Berries from the front yard start off purple in colour but give off a pink tone, pomegranate gives yellow  and a second dousing in the berry dye after cooking some more gives off a deeper pink/purple

 Top to bottom - Purple carrot , pomegranate, 2nd dipped berry from the front yard

Growwingg collection

Beetroot dipped
 Still drying beetroot dye

I probably have enough for a small blanket, maybe another bag ??? Still have to wait for all the wool to dry properly, it hasn't been sunny enough to dry everything completely this afternoon

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Collections of things

Do you collect glass on the beach? 
I have for years and then I empty my pockets into a glass jar and there it sits for ever.
Well today I took down some of the jars and played with them.
My original intention was to use the glass for a mosaic when I have enough collected, but in the mean time a dinosaur has come to visit.

Playing with shells. It was fiddly getting the shells to sit all one way without knocking them with my huge hands and having to start again.

And no sooner had I started and the light was gone for the evening ...tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Crochet Flower Bag - One bag three ways

I started my crochet flower bag in the beginning of April. I was admiring Sophie Digards work and thought that I would be able to produce something along the line of colour and form in my own design and have now finished my flower crochet bag. Once again I have used tapestry wool so that I could utilise a wide range of colour. One skein of wool produces one flower. Of course I have intermingled colours for the center and petals of the flower.

So having finished the bag, finally, I rewarded myself with another outing. This time a visit to Willunga. Fortunately for me (maybe not my purse) the Willunga Farmers Market was on today. Apparently it is held every saturday from 0800-1230 hrs. Such lovely quality produce from local regional makers - in amongst the usual fruit and veg producers ( not to be scoffed at - their produce was top knotch) were olive oil products, artisan breads, bee and wax product, wines, jams and chutneys, flowers and herbs and  the most beautifully crafted handmade pasta that had vibrant natural colours. It didn't take me long to spend $50- pasta , flowers, persimmons, plums , sourdough bread and lavender brownie devoured in a matter of minutes)

After I spent my dosh it was time to photograph the bag...ummm hard to do in such drab surroundings. She jests. It was hard to stop taking photos.

Anyway as usual a heavily laden post about a silly bag but you get to enjoy the surroundings anyway.

First stop the vineyard. Its a lovely time in the hills at the moment with the green grasses from the rains and still a few Autumn leaves clinging to vines before the real cold settles in.

I bought a bag in an op shop for $5 just for the hardware - it had plenty of buckles and straps that I could pilfer for my bag. I could have gone with a tan colour which was equally nice against all the vibrant colours.

So short handles for shopping bag mode. It really is a very large bag and comfortably fitted in all the above mentioned purchases.

When you clip together the side straps it becomes a triangular bag. It makes it a little more secure if you dont have a lot in the bag and want to protect your purse as the top opening becomes considerably smaller.

With the long strap attached to the side loops it becomes a carry all that you can sling over your shoulder.

Next photography spot a lovely gum and grasses, just across the road

My purchased proteas make a stunning accompaniment with my bag

 Who doesn't like an old wagon? This one was waiting for me on the side of the road

After the photo shoot I couldn't resist stopping in at Dowie Doole winery....more quality stuff (wines) I couldn't resist! A few came home with me.

And just a few shots after I visited the winery. Pity I can't take you for a little winery tour, it was really good. mmm mmmm. I had the whole winery to myself as well, so it was really special to get such undivided attention.

Glorious light on a glorious day
Thanks for sticking with me. Cheers! Monique x