Thursday, 21 May 2015

hong kong part 3

A couple of regular tourist doing the floating sampan thing on Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong Island. Of course it is mandatory for the tourist to doff silly hats to sit in the sampan and view the sights . These two likely tourists were very quickly nabbed by the locals and high jinked on to the high seas despite having absolutely no money on them ( and telling said tour operator the same) but nobody seemed to be worried about the lack of funds, every one being confident that the necessary funds would be extracted from the bank afterwards...Talk about gullible!

Let's face it life is an adventure and things happen for a reason. Our obliging boat driver gave adequate description of the flotilla found in the harbour and the sights surrounding. He was a very well prepared tour operator and also an excellent photographer with a sense of humour. I liked his boat .. full of colour and cheer and also numerous bird cages, only one with a canary in it that sang the whole time above the engine noise. Had he turned the other way I might have been tempted to high tail it out of there with one of his cages, but he was too nice and I also bought one of my own the day before. Completely unnecessary thought process!

Apparently it is off season for fishing, allowing fish stocks to revive themselves, so a lot of the large vessels were moored in the harbour and the fishermen are having a holiday ??

Intermingled between the large fishing vessels are many and varied house boats, some dedicated to laundry service etc.

The occupants of  boats vary and sometimes include the feathered variety.

Decorated pontoons. ??Maybe for ceremonies and festivities.

Feathered friends scavenging the nets for a feed.

The fish market, Off load directly from the boat

Ice being poured directly into the truck

Hillside allotments - a burial with a view. A small allotment costs almost as much as to buy a cheap house in Australia - so only the very rich are buried in the ground as far as I can tell.

Floating restaurants, - apparently have been around for a while  and are still a popular dining experience.

Decorative and colourful frontages.

Fishing vessel  with drying fish on a line

Walking after our tour of the harbour and we came across a festival/ offering at a street side temple

and then it was a trip back on the bus to the hotel and a late lunch.

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