Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Collections of things

Do you collect glass on the beach? 
I have for years and then I empty my pockets into a glass jar and there it sits for ever.
Well today I took down some of the jars and played with them.
My original intention was to use the glass for a mosaic when I have enough collected, but in the mean time a dinosaur has come to visit.

Playing with shells. It was fiddly getting the shells to sit all one way without knocking them with my huge hands and having to start again.

And no sooner had I started and the light was gone for the evening ...tomorrow is another day.


  1. What a cute dino!

    I like the shells in the second picture. You don't find that kind over here.
    Are they typically Australian? Or do they come from your holiday ?

  2. When I lived on the coast I had a lovely little sea glass collection going.
    Just before we moved I took it back down to the beach and 'released' it all.
    I wish I'd kept some as now that I'm doing pottery classes I've seen some beautiful pieces with glass added, which melts in the kiln leaving a crystal look on the clay.

    1. I d forgotton that glass looks great in pottery, in my younger years I did a lot of pottery and even owned a wheel ( i think my husband disposed of it)

  3. the glass is quite the collection! I have lots of shells and stones from when we went to the beach, they are displayed in crystal glass containers.


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