Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Hong Kong - Part One.

 I have been fortunate in the last 4 days to have the privilege of visiting Hong Kong with my husband whilst he presented at a conference at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. This was our first visit to HK and initial impressions are overwhelming for a little city girl from Adelaide. I think our city would not even compare to some of the outer suburb towns..definitely our street scape scale pales into comparison to the skyscraper avenues that occur in every imaginable spare inch of space. Land and space definitely is at a premium. 
David and I discussed whether the high impact living in close confines and continual movement of a sea of people would stifle or cause outlet for the creative mind. - Of course we didn't come to any conclusions but it does make you wonder about the human condition.
We are very privileged living in Australia and having vast open public spaces to enjoy.

Once having located the area where  he was to attend the conference, I was free to roam the city
My first challenge was to attempt the MTR which on initial appearance is a little daunting although very well organized and easy to follow (especially if you know where you are going)
I must say that I had a very positive experience - the natives of Hong Kong are polite and very kind, I was always offered assistance by many and varied people, all willing to point the semi lost tourist in the right direction.

Octopus card in hand I had free reign to travel on a very efficient rail system. 
My first destination was to locate some traditional paper lantern stores to purchase for my son's 21st birthday party in a few days time.

Rail to Hong Kong island and then on to trolley cart/tram along Queens Road (West, Central and East). The tram cart cost $2.30 HK ( $0.40 Aust) per section- super cheap -and is a great way to view the city and all the bustle without the leg work.
My destination was Wilmer st Queens Rd East (but my directions said west) so of course it took me ages to find it, but it just meant I spent more time jumping on and off trams and looking at shops as I went

Sometimes you see the strangest things dried or on display in the windows. I found a lot of the old medicinal stores were down queens road east (an older section) and Wilmer st actually had mainly dried seafoods and other items I dont know what.The lantern shops were actually on Queens Road east opposite Wilmer Rd and only a few of them.

Found the lantern shops and bought from  this  lady. She gifted a couple of good luck charms to hang after purchasing of lanterns. I didn't bother trying to barter, although I am sure you could, but I figure latern sales were slow (no festivals) and it  wasn't going to break my bank

Back out on the street with lots more walking

Finally my stomach gets the better of me and my feet want a rest.... found the Shelter Lounge  which was a welcome refuge ..I have no idea what street... a leisurely lunch and then an impulsive decision to catch a bus from central station to Stanley markets. I caught the express to Stanley 260 but think that the 6 and 6x public buses take virtually the same route and fractionally longer( a few more stops) at a 1/2 of the cost.

Plenty of winding roads by buses that seem to move to fast and stop inches from the next car in front. Precision driving at its best. Wicked views on the way.

I think this is Repulse Bay (above)

 And next door is Stanley Plaza
 And then Stanley (below)

First stop Stanley Market..I've got to say as a market it didn't hold much of interest and I didn't purchase anything, but the market itself was colourful. After that a wander down to the beach front Stanley has a more sedate pace and less foot traffic than other areas on Hong Kong island.

A small temple at the far end of the beach tucked in next to a brand new shopping plaza

Dragon boat along the foreshore being prepared for races in June

Street cafes and bars...tempting in the humidity

Smugglers bar run by Shirley. Yes i did stop for a refreshing beer in the humidity.

Ice cold Beer on tap and a comfortable view of the beach. Smugglers also has the best Jukebox on Hong Kong island according to the locals - and I tend to agree.
I spy a monument / shrine and consider a trek up the hill to visit but that chilled beer is very appealing.

 After one beer  a conversation is struck with John, whom is soon joined by hsi wife Carmen and then Kerry and Len and Jodie, Matt and kids. That's it I'm staying. OMG what a great night we had joined by others.

How gorgeous are Jodie and Matts children.?

A little later and a little rowdier. So many beers that I actually left my camera behind. But bless this crew, they managed to get it back to me a few days later! How lucky am I

Such a fabulous way to start a holiday. It made it hard to have anything measure up to the fun i had on the first day. Thanks John, Carmen, Kerry, Len Jodie, Matt and children for such a wonderfully hilarious and fun evening.
And tomorrow is another day!


  1. what a fun trip and how lucky you are to tag along! I hope I can go to some of my husband's conferences one day but he usually stays in the states.

  2. What an adventure
    and oooooh the pictures!!!!

    I got quite mesmerized by them and even have the Hong Kong feeling here in Belgium.
    Seems like a lot of fun.

    How could you have been on an exotic market and having bought nothing at all?

    The Smugglers bar seems quite something. Could have sat there as well and with a beach view!!

    I like the picture of the 3 little children with their mother. Very natural . she must have been pleased with it.

    and gosh: this was Monique once again at her best: partying in Hong Kong! I sure would have liked to be there as well.

    Did you buy any tissues or other materials for crafting? How is the wool over there? MAnage to find some? And the tissues? Lots of silk I suppose.

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