Sunday, 29 September 2013

Ice Bowl

Have you ever wanted to make an ice bowl?

After playing around in the garden; with the candlesticks last night I decided to pick some herbs and flowers and felt compelled to make an ice bowl.

I found two suitable bowls with at least a centimeter gap in between filled partially with water and then proceeded to stuff flowers and spriggs down the sides, not knowing how they were placed or what it would look like. Well it turned out better than I thought it would, but next time I will place a solid object in the inner bowl rather  than water which I had to melt out.

 So I need to trim up the top of the bowl and remember not to overweight the top bowl so that the base is thicker. I lost the bottom of the bowl when turning out, so I have returned it back to the freezer with some extra water to make a base for the bowl.

 A great idea for summer for salads or even drinks. If it was really hot you would definitely need a shallow dish to catch the drips!

I think this would work well with sliced fruits - kiwi, oranges and strawberries.

This table cloth is yet to be finished. I started it years ago when inspired by Kaye Pykes book Sumptuous Settings. Its kind of my interpretation of her french blue cushions.

Kaye Pykes french blue cushions

Kaye Pykes french blue cushions

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Mixed Bag! You Never Know What Your Are Going To Get!

Geraniums are not my favourite plant, mainly because of their smell but I do love the shape of their leaves and the brilliance of their colour. I love the patterning of their "veins' particularly when looking up into the sunlight.

And I love the reversed images of the leaves found here at

Gives me thought for stamping adventures
Anywho.... Here are my dry candlesticks  and for Allison whom left comment in the last post I took a photo for you with the purple flowers.Thanks to everyone who share comments, it is always lovely to receive feedback

The purple flowers are on my neighbours footpath and I must have looked a little strange sitting on the path with lighted candles taking photos.

This bird of paradise (in my neighbours garden) goes nicely with the candlesticks. I love the fact that the flower has two heads when one dies remove the top flower and a second appears.

Enough jabbering for one day! See you soon.

Op Shop finds

A quick drop  in on the way home from work to the Salvos Store and I found two silver coloured candle sticks. I immediately envisioned spraying them bronze when I saw them $6 for the sticks and a can of spray later

Have to wait for the paint to dry, then we can style them up. I'll be interested to see what the finnish is like as I have never sprayed metal before. The colour was "Hammered Copper" and was the only copper colour I could find- probably should have looked on th internet, but sometimes you've just gotta have it/'do it.

Also acquired a new rug/ bedspread. Saw this little beauty lying on a bed, no tags and asked the volunteer how much he wanted for it... $7.. Sold!
Its hanging over the back of the chair and is probably double bed size.
I can't decide if it is handmade or not but it is very heavy and in mint condition.

And a couple of garden shots just for colour.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dotty Wash Cloth

Being sick gives you more time to lay around and do not much. After seeing Jule's from Little Woollie dotty and harlequin wash cloths I couldn't resist giving it a go. The cloths  looked so happy and fun, I just had to have one.
Jules has a tutorial on how to do tapestry crochet  found here and a spectacular array of cloths she has completed found here. Such a  happy blog full of colour and creativity.

Anyway my little cloth was made form leftovers and I was worried I wouldn't have enough to complete the job.
Jules made hers in more than one colour and with wool where as I opted for cotton. It feels really soft and thick.

 My counting was a bit off but so was my head, so I'll forgive myself this time.
I've had a bit of fun styling my cloth in the back yard, the spring flowers are just beginning to come out.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Christmas Wreath No.2

Home today from work and resting on my bed. Every time I cough my temples throb and my sinuses are completely blocked despite taking medication to dry up the passages. I've started another wreath with materials on hand. I originally started with the star shaped pendant but chose to remove it as I hadn't incorporated enough of the colourings that are present in the pendant.

I made some yellow and white flowers last night - not an overly taxing job, really just rolling balls and squashing them to form petals. I'd slept most of the day and was wide awake looking for something not too energetic to do.

I have utilized old necklaces and have wired them with seed beads.. slow and tedious job

Wreath two of three under way. I thought that I would collect so more gum nuts to fill the gaps, maybe when I feel less heady.
Here is the T shirt without the tape

For more Christmas wreath ideas go and here and here and here

Monday, 23 September 2013

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Handprinted fabric - fluoro colours

I've bought some fluoro colours to print with and had been thinking about making some geometric
style prints. My thought is to utilize these in baby bibs  or at least that's what I originally thought. May I say that this is a very slow process and you can see I am not terribly accurate with my placement especially when I decided to try to make arrow shapes with the blank spaces.

Took a photo of this plant just because I like its shape

I got a little tired of trying to change colours even though I had four triangles (one for each colour0 so I swapped to the circular shape that I had printed before.

Then we decided to print a tee shirt for Jordy in the fluoro red, just waiting for the ink to dry before removing the borders

And a quick run in the blue colouring

All this with a fuzzy head and a rotten cold!