Sunday, 15 September 2013

Christmas Wreath

Last weekend I spent some time twisting the vine that has gone wild in the back yard,or at least the strands that I could reach, into wreaths. Collections from my walks have dried and these gum nuts were laying idle, screaming out me to be used. I had some left over stars from last Christmas and some excess flower beads from the necklaces I have made. Put them all together with wire and a hot glue gun and you get a pleasing pop of colour on an otherwise ordinary wreath.

A little more cleaning up of the glue  and maybe a few more gum nuts on the right hand side, some ribbon for hanging and it will be finished.

One down and two more wreaths to go.


This is a wall of a private house near the neighbourhood kindergarten that used to get graffiti all the time....but not anymore.

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  1. So pretty! you are talented and I admire the skill. Love the painted anti graffiti wall :)


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