Thursday, 5 September 2013

August Sampler

OOPs think I might have hit the snooze button and almost forgot to whip one of the mosaics up. It is a good way to reflect over the month quickly  and makes me realize how little I did in the month of August besides work.
I am having a hard time adjusting to the lack of ME time, which like any sane human being really enjoys! When you are tired and compelled to put your family first to produce a meal on the table and maybe clean something then little else happens...Tonight I was going to produce baked beans and eggs for dinner !! (as I really can't be bothered doing anything else). It wasn't to my husbands liking so he is now cooking spaghetti - Yeh - and so he should... I've cooked the last I don't know how many nights and frankly I am just a little bored with it all (and the dinners were more interesting than baked beans and eggs) Anyway , I really am drivelling. Instead of cooking I am having some diversional therapy on the computer. So for your perusal here is the August Sampler

1. blue baby quilt with hand printed  fabrics 2. attempting eco printing 3. eucalyptus blooms 4. sugar loaf at Hallett Cove SA 5. Red berries 6. Waffle King! mmm 7. nature walk - weedy flower 8. Aldinga Beach SA 9. Rainbow monkey quilt 10. Sugar Loaf at Hallett Cove 11. yarn bombing  12 golden shadow on our garage door

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