Sunday, 29 September 2013

Ice Bowl

Have you ever wanted to make an ice bowl?

After playing around in the garden; with the candlesticks last night I decided to pick some herbs and flowers and felt compelled to make an ice bowl.

I found two suitable bowls with at least a centimeter gap in between filled partially with water and then proceeded to stuff flowers and spriggs down the sides, not knowing how they were placed or what it would look like. Well it turned out better than I thought it would, but next time I will place a solid object in the inner bowl rather  than water which I had to melt out.

 So I need to trim up the top of the bowl and remember not to overweight the top bowl so that the base is thicker. I lost the bottom of the bowl when turning out, so I have returned it back to the freezer with some extra water to make a base for the bowl.

 A great idea for summer for salads or even drinks. If it was really hot you would definitely need a shallow dish to catch the drips!

I think this would work well with sliced fruits - kiwi, oranges and strawberries.

This table cloth is yet to be finished. I started it years ago when inspired by Kaye Pykes book Sumptuous Settings. Its kind of my interpretation of her french blue cushions.

Kaye Pykes french blue cushions

Kaye Pykes french blue cushions

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  1. The ice bowl is an amazing idea. The colourful embroidery of the tablecloth really is pretty. x


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