Saturday, 28 September 2013

Op Shop finds

A quick drop  in on the way home from work to the Salvos Store and I found two silver coloured candle sticks. I immediately envisioned spraying them bronze when I saw them $6 for the sticks and a can of spray later

Have to wait for the paint to dry, then we can style them up. I'll be interested to see what the finnish is like as I have never sprayed metal before. The colour was "Hammered Copper" and was the only copper colour I could find- probably should have looked on th internet, but sometimes you've just gotta have it/'do it.

Also acquired a new rug/ bedspread. Saw this little beauty lying on a bed, no tags and asked the volunteer how much he wanted for it... $7.. Sold!
Its hanging over the back of the chair and is probably double bed size.
I can't decide if it is handmade or not but it is very heavy and in mint condition.

And a couple of garden shots just for colour.


  1. A coat of paint has brought new life to the candle sticks.

  2. that blanket is beautiful!....what a bargain....that daisy shot was the punch of purple I needed! x


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