Saturday, 21 September 2013

No Shoes ..but

Jordy and I went to town today , to drop Ben off at his first aide course and also to buy some work shoes for me. Jordy will always tag along for a shopping expedition especially if there is half a chance of new clothes for her.
The mall was very quiet first thing this morning and i grabbed the opportunity to take a photo at the malls balls. Their creator Bert Flugelman was a local artist whom has several noticeable works in the city of Adelaide, he enjoyed working with reflective surfaces that incorporated the viewer as a participant in the art form.
I love how distorted my body looks in the second photo, I almost have a hump back.

We sat opposite this lovely fountain, such a brilliant green, and drank lattes from CIBO

Opposite is this grand building. I couldn't resist a photo of the coat of arms near the bell shaped roof.

 A  wander around, that means going in and out of every clothing shop, we ended up in Globalize.
I was quite taken with their store decoration -  a full size giraffe, lovely ornamental ceiling roses and great glittering display mannequins.

 I think I'd like to have her at home for a bit of glittery fun and reflection!

And another favourite building is Bee hive corner- check out the hive and bee resting on top of the corner of the buildeing.. hence the name.. duh!

As the title suggests I didn't buy my shoes for work.. I didn't want to pay $200 for a really ugly pair of shoes.. I know eventually I will, but not today.

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