Saturday, 7 September 2013

It's Show Time!


It is show time in Adelaide, when townies and the country folk band together to have a grand and festive time in a carnival atmosphere. Full of the noise and thrill of rides and the blaring noise of sideshow alley makes it a fun filled day for the kids. 

Huge  sheds full of livestock, petting barns, grains and pulses, technologies and wares for sale, craft and handmade produce.

The more sedate can stroll through the SA Great tent and eat their way through local produce. 
This year I chose to do this and create my own show bag full of locally produced goodies - Aunty Joans Toffee (everybody's favourite), fragrant olive oils laced with lime juice, salad dressings, sugar coated candies, figs cooked in syrup, relishes and regional wines 

 I love the street performers and the stage shows - they provide the opportunity to rest and yet be entertained. I really needed to rest, for some reason my boots have stretched and wearing them all day yesterday was a trial. Oh my aching dogs!

These street performers were called the crack pots... haha crack me up

Roving musicians and their emus

 Beautiful floral displays

I was really impressed by the SA Basket Weavers and am considering joining their group get togethers.. they are affordable group to attend and many materials are obtainable from local resources.
Spectacular work.

 this piece has been displayed in the South Australian Gallery - Wonder why!

Everything that is old is new again!

Look at the work in these beautiful baskets/ hangers


I loved the pumpkin and squash display

This one is  my favourite - Nature making its own art

The girls even got to do some civic duty. Every year we get a phot with the police department but now the fireys are getting in on the act too

Lovely evening skies to end a fantastic day

And a couple of blue tongued lizards that frequent the show.

Maybe a few to many pictures but fun all the same.


  1. Looks like a great day out.
    The weaving is amazing, you should totally join in.

  2. What a fun post, Monique. You captured the atmosphere in photos perfectly!
    best, nadia


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