Saturday, 28 September 2013

Mixed Bag! You Never Know What Your Are Going To Get!

Geraniums are not my favourite plant, mainly because of their smell but I do love the shape of their leaves and the brilliance of their colour. I love the patterning of their "veins' particularly when looking up into the sunlight.

And I love the reversed images of the leaves found here at

Gives me thought for stamping adventures
Anywho.... Here are my dry candlesticks  and for Allison whom left comment in the last post I took a photo for you with the purple flowers.Thanks to everyone who share comments, it is always lovely to receive feedback

The purple flowers are on my neighbours footpath and I must have looked a little strange sitting on the path with lighted candles taking photos.

This bird of paradise (in my neighbours garden) goes nicely with the candlesticks. I love the fact that the flower has two heads when one dies remove the top flower and a second appears.

Enough jabbering for one day! See you soon.

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