Sunday, 22 September 2013

Handprinted fabric - fluoro colours

I've bought some fluoro colours to print with and had been thinking about making some geometric
style prints. My thought is to utilize these in baby bibs  or at least that's what I originally thought. May I say that this is a very slow process and you can see I am not terribly accurate with my placement especially when I decided to try to make arrow shapes with the blank spaces.

Took a photo of this plant just because I like its shape

I got a little tired of trying to change colours even though I had four triangles (one for each colour0 so I swapped to the circular shape that I had printed before.

Then we decided to print a tee shirt for Jordy in the fluoro red, just waiting for the ink to dry before removing the borders

And a quick run in the blue colouring

All this with a fuzzy head and a rotten cold!

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