Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dotty Wash Cloth

Being sick gives you more time to lay around and do not much. After seeing Jule's from Little Woollie dotty and harlequin wash cloths I couldn't resist giving it a go. The cloths  looked so happy and fun, I just had to have one.
Jules has a tutorial on how to do tapestry crochet  found here and a spectacular array of cloths she has completed found here. Such a  happy blog full of colour and creativity.

Anyway my little cloth was made form leftovers and I was worried I wouldn't have enough to complete the job.
Jules made hers in more than one colour and with wool where as I opted for cotton. It feels really soft and thick.

 My counting was a bit off but so was my head, so I'll forgive myself this time.
I've had a bit of fun styling my cloth in the back yard, the spring flowers are just beginning to come out.


  1. Hi Monique, lovely dotty washcloth, glad you could follow my tutorial, they get a bit addictive though so watch out! :) I have lots of other patterns in my head just waiting to get out into a washcloth! Have a great day, Julie (little woollie) x


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