Friday, 6 June 2014

Embroidery Purse

Firstly many thanks to all well son is back on his feet and should be attending university again next week. He is a very fortunate young man and has suffered no ill effects from his illness other than 10kg weight loss and missing a few days whilst he was so ill. We are very grateful to have him alive and well. I makes me more appreciative of my immediate family and friends and also of the lovely extended group of friends that I have made through the world of blogging. So thank you to all.

Before Caleb was sick I picked up this lovely tin at craft. It was actually buried under materials and I wasn't sure whether it was for sale, but of course I asked. It has now been adopted to store incomplete embroideries (of the smaller variety) . The tablecloth was purchased a week later from the same table with another cloth..both are incomplete but came with the threads, so i can foresee many hours embroidering  in front of the heater on a cold winter's night.

This embroidery you have seen in previous posts..but I finally plucked the courage to do something with it. It is really hard to cut into linen and not know whether your efforts will be fruitful at the end of it. I bought purse clips off the internet and they had arrived just before Caleb became ill. So of course they got thrown aside until today.  A quick trace of the clasp and a bit of shaping with a paper template. I didn't really want to loose the embroidery that I had done (it takes me too darn long to cut pieces off and throw away) So I  basically followed the circular shape of the doily.

I think the material for the back of the purse echoes the colour and shape of the flowers and gives it a bit of a pop in colour.

The inside orange and bright. I hate looking around in a dark purse and not being able to see anything.
I decided not to chop off the bottom to give it a flattened surface to sit on - once again to preserve the embroidery

My first purse  complete. Pretty happy!
The last of the roses my sister gave the family when Caleb was sick. She is thoughtful that way .. always giving flowers to others to cheer up their day.


  1. Hi Monique, firstly just want to say how happy to read that your son is well and back to university again. What a great find both the tin and embroidery piece! I love old tin and old embroidery pieces as well. The purse turns out well. You've inspired me! Hugs Nat

  2. So, so happy for you that Caleb is back into the fray of everyday life....that is great news indeed!! Love your 'finds'....the tin; it reminds me of vintage fabrics of my childhood...the pretty tablecloth....and your lovely new purse. I love the rounded bottom, it shows off the embroidery to perfection; and...the backing fabric is superb. You have stitched a lovely purse. Well done!!

  3. The embroidered purse is gorgeous! Enjoy using it.

  4. that is gorgeous!!! Love the purse.I am happy that your son made a full recovery and can go back to normal life!

  5. This purse is just so beautiful! I love the embroidery and what great fabric you've used inside too, it matches perfectly.


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