Thursday, 19 June 2014

Triangle Quilt Top

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from the ward clerk at work..."You know how it is such-n-such's birthday ... wouldn't it be nice to give her a quilt signed by the staff ... have you got a quilt stashed away that we could give to her? or could you whip one up? It wouldn't have to be ready tomorrow - you could bring it into work with you on Monday!!

I just about choked on myself when hearing this and did manage to laugh down the phone.
No I dont have any quilts stashed away.... and definitely none that would be suitable.

Choke, choke ... I suppose I could make something .. a lap quilt

Inspired by this. Fabulous isn't it? and already having  a triangle template I ventured to ask the patients favourite colour = Purple.
Rip into the stash , mmm not a lot of and anything else that takes my fancy.

A here we go

One top photographed in the dark... doesnt do the colours justice but you get the idea anyway.
I will have to finish this tomorrow as I wont have time next week ... a few days work, then pack and away to Bali (can't wait!! So excited to head away with my two sisters for a whole week!)


  1. Oh MG! would choke too.
    Some people have some nerve!

    After all I turned out fine, what a wonderful lap quilt you made!
    I love the colours, so delicate!
    The birth day colleague will be ever so happy (and will have a warm lap!)

    Well done, Monique!

    1. Hi Brigitte, now that I have recovered from all the excitement of spending all my days off making this quilt, we have finally given it to the patient with all the staff signatures we could muster - she was really happy with it and I am a lot happier to have it finished.

  2. So you have done the impossible...again!! You have set a precedent now, you will be the gal to turn to at a minute's notice from hereon! Such a lovely quilt Monique. The colours and the triangles....just beautiful. So you are off to Bali...lucky gal...have the best time soaking up all that sun!!

    1. I dont recommend having to produce on demand as such but I dint really mind making this quilt( other than being rushed for time) the patient who received it has been with us for five months and is a very lovely and patient person

  3. impressive! I love how people who do NOT craft think that we knock these things out in a day. Well done to meeting the challenge and it's beautiful!

    1. Now that I am finished I am not so "cranky "about the request but I did feel very pushed at the time. She loved the quilt!

  4. Isn't it funny that people who don't craft/sew think these sort of things can just be made in half an hour, no trouble at all.
    It's looks lovely Monique and I'm sure will be much appreciated.

    1. The patient was really surprised and felt very loved, now that I have finished I am glad I was able to make it (not so much when I was asked to produce the quilt)


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