Thursday, 26 June 2014

One Wet and Windy Day....Make sure you survive to the end!

This is a day that blew roofs off of a two year old house... according to my friend who works with the weather bureau - bureau of meteorology in Adelaide. It just so happens that the neighbour of his parents had their roof disappear whilst they were asleep (Nothing to do with predicting the weather but everything to do with knowing the people whom have experienced an event) Anyway, said roof has blown away in the middle of the night and the chap wakes up to rain on his face (Who would sleep through their roof being torn away???) and a view of the stars he doesn't remember seeing before. Remind me not to employ his builder.

So what is this all leading too? Well lets say it was a day to hide inside and that is just what I did after dropping the children off at school.

I dug out a tablecloth that I had picked up from the sale table at craft. There are stains that will never come out of the creases so I decided to embark on making another purse. 

 Inspired by The Custards blog  post: i-am-proud-that-i-made-grown-woman cry < I was desirous to make my own pansy purse and inject a little spring in  my ooh so dreary and droll day 
(I dont want to make anyone cry. I have enough trouble holding the tears back myself...hormones do run rife and work puts forward many situations where I am inclined to feel empathetic towards my patients -although I have had staff remark in surprise that I have a heart and express my emotions...that might have something to do with the bad jokes I tell and the hard realities I put forth about peoples health and potential outcomes, a lot of them not good!)

So stitching it up was the name of the game!

The bones of three pansies were outlined on the linen and the rest was waiting for inspiration and effort.
I've got to say that embroidery is not a quick past time. In particular if you choose to use rayon thread, as I did (I found some in an op shop, liked the sheen and decided to give it a whirl) Let me say that it is a pill to work with and that is why I found some complete schans of thread waiting for a sucker like me. I would be surprised if it is even sold anymore, I certainly wont be running out to buy any.
The said thread pulls apart and balls causing fluff on your work. I have rectified this problem as much as I could by over sewing with another colour to weigh it down It does have a nice sheen but that is all.

Somewhere in between I walked and photographed this. I was actually walking to the shopping center (very large) to purchase a new camera. (Despite having purchased said camera I am still grabbing my phone to take a shot - mmm accessibility??)
Geranium leaves...pretty aren't they?

Back to the flowers..more resting on my derriere, more sewing.

Abit more drawing on the cloth

And this is what I am up to after two days. Somewhere in between I have been gathering stuff for my trip to Bali. Tomorrow I pack and then the next I am away.
So I am turning 50 and I am escaping with my sisters. A once in a lifetime opportunity to spend time with two of my favourite people. I am leaving my family behind, a small twinge of regret and guilt hits me , but mostly I am excited.

So as a part of my birthday celebrations I am going to have a giveaway...I think it will involve buying something in Bali. Leave a comment and when I get back I will draw a winner ... that gives you around nine days. Open to all, I will send anywhere...It will be a surprise for all of us as to what you get! See you in nine!


  1. Have fun on Bali.
    I think you're doing a terrific job converting that old printed tablecloth. I didn't know such "ready to embroider" objects were still made. Sixty years ago they were very common in the UK, in fact my first ever sewing project was such a tray cloth.

    1. Thanks for the Bali wishes. The tablecloth is probably one of those Sixties things as it was on a trading table at craft...someone had donated their mothers crafting stuff to her fellow crafters after she passed away. I'm taking the left over cloth with me to Bali to sew some more...true crafter cant leave it at home!

  2. I must say I have shed a tear or two myself!! I'm afraid that I have given rayon embroidery thread the heave-ho......terrible stuff to sew with, though your purse will look lovely. Can't imagine why you would want to escape all that 'lovely' Adelaide weather. Really......the fellow slept through a roof being blown to smithereens?? Now that do beat all!! Have the best celebration in Bali, Monique....Happy 50th!!

    1. Thanks Kim....almost away to bali, just watchinig the clock tick by, packed too much but cant be bothered sorting it out! Cheers see you in a week..figuratively speaking


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