Saturday, 11 October 2014

Spoke Wheel Flower Tutorial

To visit my Spoke Wheel Flower Scarf  photo shoot visit here, lots of glorious colour and a little bit of me!

Magic Circle. chain three to form 1st treble. Treble 23

slip stitch to join

Round 2. Chain 4

Into base of same stitch as chain 4 treble 1. Chain 1. Miss one treble in row 1 and treble into next stitch, chain 2, treble1 into same stitch (to form V). chain 1

#Miss 2 trebles in row one, work treble into next stitch,chain 2, treble into same stitch (V), chain 1# Repeat until end of round slip stitch to join and change colour.

Round 3.
 New colour into the centre of V stitch chain 3,

treble 1, chain 2, treble 2 into same stitch

double crochet into next single chain

Repeat to form the round (treble 2 ,chain 2 ,treble 2 into V stitch, double crochet into next single chain stitch)

To Join to another spoke wheel flower leave 2 V stitches to match to another flower and work as follows.
2 treble, chain1, put hook through V on other flower , make sure in correct line with other joins, hook through thread and loop on hook , 2 treble, double crochet into single chain repeat to make two anchors on the other spoke wheel flower

Single crochet into base of starting stitch to complete round finish off

Joining more rows is the same principle, just count back 2 V per side joined

Hope you understood that. If you complete a scarf link your comment back to your blog so I can go have a look at your creation. :)


  1. This Spook wheel really is great. You explained this in a very very clear way.I saved it in my 'to-do-map-when-the right time (should ever) come'

    Thank you very very much for the dachshund-pattern-link. It really looks cute, once again: I am in desperate need of TIME!

    By the way, I looked for the location of "gum trees" and the internet says: Soedan, Tsjaad, Nigeria and Senegal. Therefore you must be in Africa at this very moment. correct? :)

  2. Such a lovely and colourful scarf! Thanks for sharing your how-to.

  3. Love the colors! Tnx for the inspiration!

  4. This is really cool, I have not tried the spoke wheel until you've inspired me to try!


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