Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Well Hello

Hello all. I feel like I have disappeared for ages from blog land. There are a multitude of reasons for this.
Firstly I am working full time for three weeks and that immediately limits my time available, particularly time that I am motivated to spending at the computer. 
My uncle was very ill in the early part of last week and I spent a lot of time between the hospital and my parents house, spending time with my cousin and aunt. Sadly he passed away and we prepare to have a service for him in the coming days. Although I expected his death I was surprised by how volatile and raw my emotions were when he passed away. Suffice to say he will be missed but I am glad to say he has lived an adventurous and full life

So in between all this I have managed to cut the strips for this quilt. That little effort only took me two days in the time before I started full time. Last weekend I managed to spend a large length of time sewing and a little time after work so now I have made up twelve squares of this rainbow delight - Soul Searching , pattern by Kathy Doughty of My Material Obsession fame.

 I also was ratting around in my cupboard and found this dark peach cotton , 20 balls that I had bought in an op shop some time ago for $7. Of course I had no idea what I was going to do with them  but have since decided to utilize this colour as the flower center for the spoke wheel flower pattern with any colour pink I could find on the outside of the flower and make a blanket, Well things have just started in  that department so I am sure progress will be slow. I also still have the brown crochet blanket to continue on with. Too many projects not enough time.

 So I hope you are enjoying the bunch of roses I have photographed for you. I am a little guilty about them because as I walked home in the dark and heat of the night last night (the lowest the temperature got down to overnight was 21 degree C) I snipped a couple from a variety of yards. Snip here and a snip there. My husband told me off for stealing from some old ladies yard... maybe but at least they are not dying in the heat but being appreciated by me, I must say it is not my usual habit but the urge was just too strong and well it is really too late to worry about it.
Oh the guilt!

 Look I even have roses in my own yard I have also managed to complete a single strand scarf in gloriously bright cottons (From Jules at Little Woolie) The Prima Cotton are so soft and just delectable in colour.

I purchased a TG Green mixing bowl - so excited to find this one, I have always wanted a  big mixing bowl...just lush.

And beautiful sunsets keep appearing day after day..loving daylight saving times. ..Plenty of time for walking after work

So that is what I have been up too...I will try not to keep it so long in between visits.


  1. I'm sorry about your uncle, I lost mine in September and was so sad by the turn of events. Glad you popped in and gave an update, I was wondering where you were. I hope work slows down a tad and you get to do more crafty stuff :)

  2. How sad for you all with the passing of your uncle. The passing of a loved is always a time of raw emotions. The pilfered roses are gorgeous...better in your pretty vase than dying of thirst in someone's yard! Of course you were just pruning the dear old lady's rose bush. Your scarf is delectable and I must say that I too am loving daylight savings. Take care over the next few days.

  3. .....ooops I forgot to say that your quilt is looking rather delectable as well!


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