Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Colour Purple

This purple low lying shrub grows across the road on the footpath. It really is  quite a dazzling shade of violet / purple. Have you noticed how I seem to fixate on one colour I photograph, maybe I dont like to confuse my subject matter or just get so focused on one thing.

Anyway I took these pictures at around 0730 am and already the light is strong and bright. I thought I might have been out early enough to get a softer light but I think I would have had to have been out and about several hours earlier to do so.

I think this is a from the  daisy family

 I like the fact that the weeds have colour co ordinated themselves to the yellow centers of the flowers, little pom poms of yellow peeking out amongst the bush.

This photo was taken in the shade (but alas no purple flowers).
The wreath is one I made last year but looked a bit spartan so I crocheted a heap of flowers and fixed them between all the others bibs and bobs to make it look a bit fuller. Any excuse to take more photos!

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  1. I love all that colour!! Your wreath looks terrific!


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