Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Adelaide Botanical Gardens

A lecture and dinner  today after work took me to the Adelaide Botanical Gardens.
Having an hour to kill I spent time strolling around the gardens. I found myself in the cactus garden to be pleasantly surprise to find the plants just beginning to flower. I must try to return in a week to see them in full bloom.


  1. Those prickly varmints are just gorgeous, aren't they. What a lovely place to while away an hour.....just lovely!

  2. I must say I love your new banner, Monique. 'Tis a delight to the eye!

  3. I agree with Kim: your new banner is very very pretty.

    I saw your flower pictures at IG already and yet I am stil impressed: they all look so Sunny. Love the light in the pictures. You have a wonderful way of playing with it.

  4. so beautiful! We do not get to see cacti around this part of the US but I did live in Texas once a long time ago. I love that you are enjoying spring time and I'm heading into fall!!


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