Thursday, 27 November 2014


I'm feeling the love today!

 I am always pleasantly surprised to discover new followers and am very appreciative of the fact that some of you find this interesting enough to bother follow along and for that I am truly grateful.

 I think knowing that a few select people are reading and participating in this blog journey makes my life a little more interesting, it certainly makes it more of a global adventure. I have never advertised to friends that I want blog followers because this is not the purpose of journaling my  crafty adventures.
I love the spirit of like minded people and enthused artisans sharing and divulging techniques and thought processes that will help others hone their skills.

The internet certainly has been beneficial in my craft education. If I am unsure of how to do something my friend Google and the advice of fellow bloggers is enough to enable me to carry on a project

So firstly Welcome to new followers and to the old faithfuls thanks HUGELY for hanging around.

Well there has to be something to follow all that and that is a little present,, just in time for Christmas and only for followers.

I love Kathy Doughty's work in the quilting arena. I think she has exceptional use of colour, a good eye for design and line and yet makes her patterns simple enough to follow but intriguing enough to challenge.
Have a look see!

For Followers of this blog if you would like a copy of MAKING QUILTS with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession then leave a comment below and I will draw a name on the 10th of December 0900hours , my time in Adelaide South Australia, and  I will order a book to be sent out to you at home. (Make sure I can contact you so that your gift wont be delayed)
Good luck and enjoy!'
This giveaway is closed thankyou...Winner is Brigitte

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I was reminded recently whilst driving to get my car repaired that the thistles were in bloom soon  . I could see them on the distant hillside as I drove past and I was determined this year not to miss their flowering. Normally by the time I get round to walking around to see them the have metamorphosed from vibrant purple to a dried but still beautiful dried golden flower head.
So this morning I trotted off over the hill to see what i could see.

There have been some pretty decent rains lately so the hillside (or at least one side of it) was in full bloom with weedy growth. I say one side of the hill because there must have been some recent burnoffs to rid the hill face of feral fennel bushes which are taking over the landscape from the natural scrub. One side black and tarry, the other teaming with weedy floral beauty.

Happily I traipsed along picking  flower heads to make a wild bouquet 

Over this hill is where the thistles normally grow. i was suitably disappointed when confronted with yet another brown landscape, this time the area where the expressway had been developed and half the hillside used as a dumping ground. This area (commendably) has been cleaned up but in the process they have bulldozed all the thistle plants that were to be my photographic opportunity. Disappointment to miss yet another display of beauty. A little further along the path I found one hidden beauty, just for me and you, a little show of glory to take your breath away.

My favourite

And the bunch of flowers I picked I ended up giving to mum when I went and had a cup of coffee with her, directly after the walk.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Subtle Colours

 I went to the shops this evening to get bread and got diverted by the night sky, so I decided to head in the opposite direction towards the beach and arrived at dusk. Just enough light to get a subtle sunset shot over the ocean. Don't you just love natures palette. Then I deviated to the jetty and took a few snaps but most of them were blurry - so i wont bore you with them. All in all a pleasant diversion and a nice way to end the day after working indoors all day

I almost forgot to add my latest stamp to show and tell! Carved this one up Sunday morning before going to work. I thought I might print up some Christmas paper
I will tidy up the edges before I do

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Snowflake Ballerina

Following the theme of snowflakes I googled snowflake ballerinas and found Krokotak's beautiful designs to continue the theme for the ward Christmas decorations.
I made one more figure in similar design of a ballerina leaping but there are 3 downloadables to be found here if you wish to make your own.
I'll show you a pile of other ballerinas when I have hung them up on the ward next week

I really love this reverse image and think I will make some birthday cards from it.

Speaking of lovely things I squealed with delight when we stopped out the front of my girlfriends house and saw all her lovely lilies in bloom I have taken lots of photos shortly after a drizzling rain..the sun is back out again and the general climate is muggy, but the flowers appear to love it.
I have threatened to sneak back tonight and steal her way of saying they look lovely.. I took photos instead.

What an unusual hibiscus

 Even the garlic flowers look beautiful

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Christmas is coming and the staff at work have decided to decorate the ward already. The girls on night duty had a few quiet moments and started cutting snowflakes from templates you can download on the internet. The snowflakes looked a little dull in white due to all the white walls on the ward, Up against the desk (in grey-brown ) they look great and stand out, and they also look lovely on the windows but a bit of colour is required for the white walls
Hence I have hit my stash of paper and dragged out every blue sheet I can find. Last night I spent cutting (in between being sick) and produced this lot.