Monday, 10 November 2014

Op Shop Finds

 Today on my way from work I stopped in at the Red Cross Op Shop and spied this lovely green vase (on the left) in the display cabinet. Looking at it I suspected it was uranium glass which a "collector" behind me confirmed. He was busy looking at the bottom of the cabinet and I was attracted to what was up the top. I think his comment was "Ï missed out by 5 seconds". Me I am not totally sure he would have bothered to look up and probably thought it to be more depression glass. Being either depression glass or uranium ware I dont mind...but it does have that really concentrated bright green glass that appears luminescent with UV light. Putting down another piece of glass makes me realise that  I need to do some dusting. Another day!

Last Friday I had breakfast with my friend Richmal and then did a bit of op shopping (in the heat). These lovely bakelite cannisters  in a speckled green were a lovely find.

Also a few tall milk ware vases, which the lady marked down for me from $5 each to $3..can you believe she thought they were over priced! I wasnt going to argue. Yah for me!

I seem to have a penchant for mixing bowls at the moment and purchased another..just because.

And one last tiny white vase, just to nestle between the long necks.
Happy shopping all.

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  1. You say depression ware...he say uranium ware.....whilst he was dithering you must certainly won the prize! Your glass is gorgeous. You lucky girl, you! My goodness you are certainly on a roll, aren't you. Love your other finds as well. You seem to be the girl with the mostest when fossicking for op shop treasures!


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