Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Christmas is coming and the staff at work have decided to decorate the ward already. The girls on night duty had a few quiet moments and started cutting snowflakes from templates you can download on the internet. The snowflakes looked a little dull in white due to all the white walls on the ward, Up against the desk (in grey-brown ) they look great and stand out, and they also look lovely on the windows but a bit of colour is required for the white walls
Hence I have hit my stash of paper and dragged out every blue sheet I can find. Last night I spent cutting (in between being sick) and produced this lot.


  1. goodness me! I've never seen so many different flakes and I love how you used blue paper instead of white!

  2. These snow flakes are lovely, Monique. Looks like there is a lot of intricate cutting there. Your ward must look wonderfully festive decorated with these blue pretties. Such a lovely way to spend a long, quiet night on the job.


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