Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Subtle Colours

 I went to the shops this evening to get bread and got diverted by the night sky, so I decided to head in the opposite direction towards the beach and arrived at dusk. Just enough light to get a subtle sunset shot over the ocean. Don't you just love natures palette. Then I deviated to the jetty and took a few snaps but most of them were blurry - so i wont bore you with them. All in all a pleasant diversion and a nice way to end the day after working indoors all day

I almost forgot to add my latest stamp to show and tell! Carved this one up Sunday morning before going to work. I thought I might print up some Christmas paper
I will tidy up the edges before I do


  1. beautiful stamp and sky shots. We are maybe getting snow, they keep changing the forecast....Fingers crossed yes to snow and no to losing electricity!!

  2. Your stamp is pretty! Looks like a lot of work making all the carving. How many hours did it take you?

    Love your twilight pictures. In the same way as you describe it, I also get diverted by the sun and the light. Sometimes I find myself taking a U-turn and driving all the way back because I can't get a pretty little place out of my mind. I see all my surroundings in pictures ALL of the time (even when I am teaching my classes, I am taking pictures- in my head of course- of my students. Weird, isn't it? Instagram and me are a match made in heaven!

    And now I am going to look for your painting and make a blogpost out of it in a while. I hope I can find it here.

  3. Your stamp will make lovely Christmas paper. Those photos of the sunset are sublime. Yes indeedy, as you say, you can't beat nature's palette!


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