Thursday, 27 November 2014


I'm feeling the love today!

 I am always pleasantly surprised to discover new followers and am very appreciative of the fact that some of you find this interesting enough to bother follow along and for that I am truly grateful.

 I think knowing that a few select people are reading and participating in this blog journey makes my life a little more interesting, it certainly makes it more of a global adventure. I have never advertised to friends that I want blog followers because this is not the purpose of journaling my  crafty adventures.
I love the spirit of like minded people and enthused artisans sharing and divulging techniques and thought processes that will help others hone their skills.

The internet certainly has been beneficial in my craft education. If I am unsure of how to do something my friend Google and the advice of fellow bloggers is enough to enable me to carry on a project

So firstly Welcome to new followers and to the old faithfuls thanks HUGELY for hanging around.

Well there has to be something to follow all that and that is a little present,, just in time for Christmas and only for followers.

I love Kathy Doughty's work in the quilting arena. I think she has exceptional use of colour, a good eye for design and line and yet makes her patterns simple enough to follow but intriguing enough to challenge.
Have a look see!

For Followers of this blog if you would like a copy of MAKING QUILTS with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession then leave a comment below and I will draw a name on the 10th of December 0900hours , my time in Adelaide South Australia, and  I will order a book to be sent out to you at home. (Make sure I can contact you so that your gift wont be delayed)
Good luck and enjoy!'
This giveaway is closed thankyou...Winner is Brigitte


  1. I've watched and read your progress on your creativity and your journey ! Well done in such great journey . Hugs x

    1. Thanks Lisa for the lovely comments, its more about thanking you guys and the support I get from you. Cheers Monique x

  2. Your blog, Monique, is always a delight to read. From the lovely photos of moments of time you always so succinctly seem to capture; to your one of a kind projects that you the amazing hand printed fabrics that you dream up using your original designs. You have a unique eye and talent for detail and design! All in all your blog is always filled with a sense of fun and soooooo much glorious colour! Love your sense of colour! Yes indeedy, I always look forward to clicking on your blog and seeing what you have been up to! 'Tis a delight!

    1. Hey Kim I think I should say the same to you, you are such an artisan and gifted sewer LOve Love your work

  3. Hi Monique,
    Lately I traveled through your blog because I was looking for your painting with the sky that ressembles my picture with the shampoo-caps. while doing so, I noticed that your blog becomes more beautiful during the years. Thus it seems true what you say: you learn (and impove) so much by being inspired by others (through google).

    I mentioned you in my blogpost:

    The book you present in this post, seems a real treat. So count me in for your giveaway. Perhaps with the help of this book I will be able to sew one day a quilt as beautiful as yours!
    Have a nice weekend,

    Brigitte from the other side of the world

  4. I forgot to ask:
    have you had more Dutch and Belgian visitors since I linked you in my blogpost? (just curious...)

    1. My Aunt has returned home and I imagine it will be a year or two before we have overseas visitors again (hopefully next time just for visiting purposes and not for funerals)

    2. Haha! I meant "vistors from overseas, visiting your blog!"

    3. You know I read that comment a couple of days ago forgot to reply, and then when I did decide to reply I read your comment completely differently. I was actually trying to decipher whether it was your own traffic when you were looking for the picture or whether it was traffic redirected from your blog.. I would say that it is probably a bit of both.
      Silly me for not reading the comment properly!

    4. You are absolutely and sincerely forgiven for misreading my message

  5. Amei conhecer o seu blog, já fiquei por aqui!!!Achei maravilhoso!!!
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

    1. Thanks Marie for joining in . I will visit your blog in coming days (I am off to work for the next couple of days so will visit later in my leisure time). I will pop your name in the draw, good luck! Cheers Monique


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